Delta Sigma Pi Western Province

W 23 LPC
The Western Province of Delta Sigma Pi covers alumni and collegiate chapters from West Texas up through Washington and states between, and also includes Hawaii. The archival information below covers meeting agendas, minutes, budgets, policies, and legislation discussed at Western Provincial Council meetings. For additional information on organization resources, council forms, and data sections, visit our Provincial Resources page. 

2024 Reno, NV

2023 Bellevue, WA

2022 Bay Area (Fremont), CA

2021 Virtual

2020 Denver, CO

2019 Irvine/Orange County, CA

2018 San Diego, CA

2017 Seattle, WA

 2016 San Jose, CA

2015 Portland, OR

2014 Long Beach, CA

2013 Sacramento, CA

2012 La Jolla, CA

2011 Walnut Creek, CA

2010 El Paso, NM

2009 Tucson, AZ

2008 San Diego, CA

2007 Las Vegas, NV

2006 Anaheim, CA

2005 Reno, NV

2004 Albuquerque, NM

2003 San Diego, CA

2002 Las Vegas, NV

2001 Grand Chapter Congress in Buffalo, NY

Policy and Miscellaneous

For more information about the Delta Sigma Pi Western Province, please contact the Western Provincial Vice President or our Central Office Staff.