Social and Professional Networking

St. Thomas (MN) Professional
Delta Sigma Pi offers immeasurable value to its members through educational opportunities, corporate partnerships, national events, service opportunities and more. At the core of these lies social and professional networking.

The Fraternity offers members the unique opportunity to meet with professionals in their field of study, in all tiers of their professional journey, and build important networks to help them not only start their careers on the right path, but have trusted professionals to seek advice from as they navigate their career field.

With networking often at the core, collegiate chapters are required to host a handful of professional events each year and alumni chapters are encouraged to do some too. It is often true that during these events (whether welcoming a business professional for a presentation or having a Deltasig corporate partner come speak to members) some Deltasigs find internships and careers through these networking opportunities.

Networking opportunities are a fantastic way to bridge the gap between collegiate and alumni members, paving the way for important mentorship relationships and diversifying members’ networks. These opportunities often occur at national events, sponsored by the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation. By supporting the Foundation, Deltasigs can ensure the next generation of business professionals have a group of ethical, wise and experienced professionals supporting them through their professional endeavors.