10 Things Every Delta Sigma Pi Member Should Know

San Fransico State

1. Delta Sigma Pi membership is for a lifetime.

You never have to renew or pay an additional fee for lifetime membership. All Deltasigs are lifetime members, unless removed by disciplinary action or permitted by the Board of Directors to withdraw due to permanent conflict of beliefs or interests.

2. Student members pay national dues every fall and spring term.

Regardless of your credit hours or level of participation, national dues must be paid within the first 30 days of each term. Most chapters also have local dues.

3. Inactive status is permitted for extenuating circumstances.

In the event of unexpected and unpredictable changes in work or family matters, you may apply for one term of inactive status.

4. We encourage Delta Sigma Pi alumni to stay involved. 

Alumni chapter membership is optional, but can be a rewarding aspect of post-collegiate life, as well as helpful for networking and career development. Alumni do not pay national dues, but some alumni chapters have local dues.

5. Abbreviate Delta Sigma Pi as “Deltasig.”

One word. No spaces. Lowercase “s” in the middle. Done.

6. Every member can get The DELTASIG magazine.

The magazine is mailed to collegiate chapter officers and is available to other collegiate members online. Alumni maintain subscriptions by making annual donations to the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation.

7. The Risk Management, Insurance and Conduct Policy always applies.

Whether you're a pledge, collegiate, alumni, faculty, colony, national officer, or staff member of Delta Sigma Pi, the contents of the Delta Sigma Pi Risk Management, Insurance, and Conduct Policy applies. Always. Everywhere. Take our word for it.

8. One chapter, one vote.

Every collegiate and alumni chapter in good standing is entitled to one vote at Provincial Council meetings and the biennial Grand Chapter Congress. Each chapter is expected to always have a delegate at each of these meetings.

9. Every collegiate chapter must recruitpledge, and initiate at least twice a year.

Each initiation should include a minimum of six new student members, or 12 for the year.

10. Make tax-deductible donations through the Leadership Foundation.

Member and business charitable donations are only tax-deductible if made to the Leadership Foundation, not to chapters or the general Fraternity. Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity is an IRS 501(c)7 organization and operates on the fiscal year July 1-June 30. The Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, also operating on a July 1-June 30 fiscal year. Under some circumstances, local businesses may expense or deduct support provided to chapters as recruitment or promotional costs, but such support is not deductible as charitable. Make a donation today.