Collegiate Chapter Vice President - Chapter Operations

A Delta Sigma Pi collegiate chapter Vice President-Chapter Operations manages the chapter’s Chapter Management Program (CMP) status and serves as the chapter’s secretary, including oversight of attendance, record keeping and documentation. As a Vice President-Chapter Operations, your duties include:

  • Maintaining all CMP records.
  • Keeping the chapter informed of its CMP standing and calling attention to areas in which the chapter needs improvement as measured by the CMP.
  • Recording the minutes of all meetings of the chapter, including discipline trials, using a standardized system.
  • Reading all official communications into the minutes of the chapter.
  • Handling correspondence with the Central Office and national officers.
  • Reporting the names and addresses of all nationally required officers to the Central Office within 14 days of their election or appointment, and submitting the names of Grand Chapter Congress delegates and alternates within seven days of their election.
  • Filing all reports promptly, except those designated to be the responsibility of other officers of the chapter.
  • Coordinating strategic planning sessions with the chapter president.
  • Communicating with other officers to ensure that CMP reports are completed and submitted in a timely manner.

For a complete listing of officer responsibilities as set in Fraternity policy, please refer to section B of the National Policy and Procedures Manual

Make your job easier! Check your Officer Packet and the resources at left for answers to most questions about the Vice President-Chapter Operations role. Still not sure? Contact
the Central Office, your District Director, or your Regional Vice President for help.