Deltasig For Life Donors

When you give to the Leadership Foundation as a Deltasig For Life Donor, your tax-deductible gift has exponential impact.  You don’t have to create an endowed fund to support the philanthropic ideals of Delta Sigma Pi.  Your gift—no matter the size—can make great things possible.

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Deltasig For Life Donor Gifts Make a Difference.

  • Create leadership training that molds and shapes the business and community leaders of today and tomorrow.
  • Give professional development training that makes businesspeople and entrepreneurs more successful, ethical, and influential.
  • Fund scholarships that help put ambitious future leaders through school.

As a Deltasig For Life Donor, You Are a Philanthropist.

Don’t wait until you make it big to start making a difference.  As a Deltasig For Life Donor, you are recognized in the annual Honor Roll of Donors, and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping others and having a true impact with your charitable giving.

Become a Deltasig For Life Donor.

Whether you’re an alumnus, collegian, pledge, startup group member, or friend of Delta Sigma Pi, you can become a Deltasig For Life Donor. Giving levels—starting at the One Star Funder—correspond with and qualify you for the Annual Donor Program as well.

  • SUPERSTAR Funder: $3,000 and greater per year ($250/month;$750/quarter)
  • Four Star Funder: $1,500 per year ($125/month; $375/quarter)
  • Three Star Funder: $1,200 per year ($100/month; $300/quarter)
  • Two Star Funder: $600 per year ($50/month; $150/quarter)
  • One Star Funder: $240 per year ($20/month; $60/quarter)
  • Grand President's Circle Funder: $25 per year (for collegiate members only)

Join the hundreds of brothers already in the program and start seeing the difference your gifts can make.