The Foremost Co-Ed Fraternity for Business Professionals 

As the foremost professional fraternity for men and women, Delta Sigma Pi develops principled business leaders for the future by providing a lifetime of opportunity for our members.

From undergraduates to young professionals, from mid-career managers to retirees, our business fraternity impacts members throughout their lives. Delta Sigma Pi trains members in professional skillsleadership, ethics, and service. Our members turn to Delta Sigma Pi for business development throughout their careers, but also form lifelong friendships within the Fraternity. For business professionals at all career stages, the social and professional events Delta Sigma Pi sponsors around the country and around the world are valuable resources and rewarding investments.

As a co-ed professional fraternity with a firm commitment to diversity, Delta Sigma Pi stands apart with our inclusive culture, ethical standards, and structure designed to promote respectful dialog and mutual growth among our members. These standards serve our members well in the business community around the United States and abroad. Our members are distinguished by their willingness to learn and their openness to different points of view, making them leaders in problem solving and organizational management.

Whether you’re an undergraduate business major, a young professional, or a seasoned business leader, the nation’s top co-ed professional fraternity has something for you. Learn more about Delta Sigma Pi: