National Alumni Day #DSP425

Celebrate with Others

  • Join us on April 22 for an Alumni Day Kick-off/Networking Night at 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific. Learn ways to stay involved, hear about Leadership Foundation programs, discuss Alumni Day activities and network with other members during breakout sessions.

Show Appreciation All Month Long

National Alumni Day is April 25th, but the National Alumni Development Committee encourages brothers to celebrate and honor alumni members all month long. You’re invited to share messages of gratitude for alumni brothers throughout the month on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tag the alumni member(s) and Delta Sigma Pi in your message and be sure to include #DSP425.

Here are some examples:

  • In celebration of our National Alumni Day, I’d like to recognize Brother John Jones from the ABC chapter. John opens his home every winter for a Christmas party where collegiate and alumni brothers gather. It’s a great celebration of brotherhood. Thank you, John!
  • I’d like to thank Brother Sally Jensen for giving her time to mentor the brothers from the XYZ chapter.
  • Thank you to Brother Amanda Smith for donating space at her company for our chapter’s alumni networking event. Thanks to you, the event was a great success!
  • Thank you to the following alumni for their support at our initiations and banquets (then tag the brothers’ names).
  • Thank you to the following alumni for….speaking at a chapter meeting, participating in a fundraising event, helping at a community service event, sharing job opportunities, reviewing my resume, introducing me to other alumni at LEAD—you get the idea.

Let’s fill social media with thoughtful messages that show our alumni brothers’ commitment to the Fraternity--brotherhood is for life!