Start or Reactivate a Delta Sigma Pi Chapter

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Starting or reactivating a Delta Sigma Pi alumni chapter provides opportunities to connect with other Deltasigs, builds leadership and professional skills, and forms a rewarding and diverse network.

Alumni chapters help Deltasigs continue their involvement with the Fraternity, while enjoying social, service, professional, and networking opportunities. Most Delta Sigma Pi alumni are involved in professional, personal, and community commitments outside of the Fraternity, so the key to starting and maintaining a strong alumni chapter often lies in persistence and quality programming.

Identify alumni in your area.

See the list of Alumni Contacts or contact the Central Office to make sure no other efforts to establish an alumni chapter in your area already exist. If there is an existing Alumni Contact, please contact that individual to assist with existing efforts. If there is not a current Alumni Contact, contact the Central Office to request a list of Deltasigs nearby so that you may begin polling interest.

Communicate consistently.

Get in touch with alumni in your area, offering many different types of programming, opportunities for involvement, and regular updates. Be consistent, but not overwhelming—a regular newsletter is a welcome tie to the Fraternity, but a daily email may be too much, even for a dedicated Deltasig!

Form a core group and elect officers.

You’ll need at least 10 committed members in the area, and you should elect officers at a well-publicized organizational meeting.

Build quality programming.

Remember that alumni have other commitments and that certain phases of life are inherently busier than others. Provide a variety of quality programming to interest alumni in different ways—social events, service projects, professional development, leadership training, and attendance at national, provincial, or regional Delta Sigma Pi events are just a few ideas.

Meet franchising requirements.

Review Delta Sigma Pi franchising requirements to maintain your chapter’s active status.

For more detailed information about starting or reactivating an alumni chapter, please review our Startup Guide . Get guidance along the way from our extensive alumni resources and the Central Office.