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Information for Parents

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Your student wants to join Delta Sigma Pi. But what is this organization, how is it different from any other college business group, and what kind of value will they get out of the Fraternity?

Delta Sigma Pi is a co-ed fraternity with a commitment to diversity, leadership, service, professional development, and building social connections that form the backbone of a successful professional network for the future.

Unlike other college business groups, membership in Delta Sigma Pi conveys value from pledging all the way through retirement and beyond. The Fraternity provides exceptional leadership training and professional development at regional and national leadership conferences that benefit both students and alumni. Delta Sigma Pi also boasts a network of more than 260,000 initiated members worldwide that members look to for lifelong support and career assistance. Delta Sigma Pi members are eligible for undergraduate and graduate scholarships, as well as assistance with fees and costs associated with Fraternity events and leadership training. Delta Sigma Pi puts members on a path toward success as business leaders, community members, and cultural influencers.

Delta Sigma Pi is a great investment. More than locally based college business clubs, Delta Sigma Pi offers a tremendous return on investment. We serve members with interests in a wide variety of sectors and industries, giving them marketable skills in leadership and management, as well as the values and determination that students need to stand out in today’s competitive job market. More affordable than many campus organizations, Delta Sigma Pi pours resources into preparing and training students, not real estate and costly overhead. The lifetime ROI of Delta Sigma Pi is immeasurable.

Still not sure? Delta Sigma Pi National Headquarters staff is happy to visit with parents of students considering an opportunity to join Delta Sigma Pi. Contact us by email or phone at 513-523-1907 to speak to a knowledgeable staff member who is passionate about developing the next generation of business leaders for our nation and the world.