Delta Sigma Pi Founding Members

Delta Sigma Pi was founded as a fraternity for business majors in 1907 by four men who met as freshman at New York University’s School of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance. Alexander Frank Makay, Alfred Moysello, Henry Albert Tienken, and Harold Valentine Jacobs didn’t know each other prior to matriculating, but became friends through their classes and shared train rides to and from school. Discussing the exclusivity of one organization dominant on campus at the time, the four decided to start a fraternity open to all business majors. The organization they founded became Delta Sigma Pi.

Based on the initiative and founding ideals of these four young men, Delta Sigma Pi has grown to be the world’s foremost fraternity for business majors. With more than 260,000 initiated members and more than 300 chapters worldwide, Delta Sigma Pi continues to equip leaders and positively impact the business world—thanks to the efforts of our founding members.

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