Recruiting New Members


Most Deltasigs heard about the Fraternity by word of mouth, but a significant number of our recruits first learn about Delta Sigma Pi through marketing tools and publications. As a Deltasig, you're always marketing the Fraternity in a positive light, but the way you communicate online and with the media can have a much bigger impact on the Fraternity’s image and recruitment than you might expect. Always remember our core values and seek to put forth a positive image in all recruitment and communications. As you consider recruitment and other forms of communication, keep the following resources in mind.

Check out the Spring 2021 Recruitment Video

Best Practices Guide to Recruitment During COVID-19

Our priority is to support chapters with resources to help navigate virtual recruitment. The COVID-19 Environment Task Force created a COVID-19 Best Practices Guide to Recruitment, which provides guidance on recruiting members safely and effectively. We will continue in the coming weeks to provide additional resources and best practices.

Improve Your Chapter's Recruitment Strategy

Improve Your Chapter's Communications:

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