Managing Risk

The safety and wellbeing of our brothers and guests is one of our top priorities. Delta Sigma Pi wants to ensure that individuals joining our organization have the best fraternity experience possible and are committed to eliminating risky behaviors associated with alcohol and drug use, hazing, discrimination and harassment.

Member safety is an essential investment in time and effort and should be considered in everything the chapter does. A risk management mindset allows brothers to prevent, avoid and minimize problems before they occur. Brothers must take personal responsibility for their actions to help ensure the safety of their fellow brothers, guests and the community.

Useful resources to help you effectively manage risk and create a safe and healthy environment for your members:

Additional resources to planning safe (and risk management compliant) events: 

Report Hazing

If you think yourself or others you know have been or may become victims of hazing you can report it anonymously by calling 1-888-NOT-HAZE toll-free. International fraternities and sororities have established this hotline in an ongoing attempt to end hazing on college campuses and particularly within Greek organizations. The Hotline is monitored by the Cincinnati law firm of Manley Burke, the publisher of Fraternal Law, who will forward the message to Delta Sigma Pi and other authorities, if necessary.