Scholarships Available to Deltasigs

As a Deltasig, you have access to valuable scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate study, thanks to the generous donations of Delta Sigma Pi alumni, collegians, and friends through the Leadership Foundation. You also have opportunities for scholarships to attend collegiate leadership development programs.

All scholarship applications are processed online. Please read requirements carefully, noting the June 1 deadline, to allow plenty of time to collect required materials and recommendations. Applicants will be notified of selection in early September. Applying for Delta Sigma Pi scholarships:
  • Review the list of available scholarships, including nationally and regionally available awards.
  • Create a login and password, where you submit your application and supporting materials. If you already have an account for other Deltasig resources (such as this website and the Hub), you may use your existing credentials.
  • Submit your application and all supporting materials on time. Late or incomplete applications are not considered.
  • Please note that you may apply for either undergraduate or graduate study awards, not both in the same application year.
If you have questions about available scholarships for Deltasigs or the application process, please contact the Central Office.