Faculty and Administrators

Announcing New Vision Statement

Delta Sigma Pi is constantly striving to further a higher standard. Our new Vision Statement was recently approved by the Fraternity's Board of Directors and the Leadership Foundation Trustees, announced at the 6th annual Presidents' Academy! 

Beyond the Classroom

“Delta Sigma Pi adds to the opportunities we provide by bringing business practices into the classroom.”

Nancy Bagranoff, University of Richmond Business Dean


“Delta Sigma Pi’s mission ties seamlessly with our mission. We stress professional, experiential learning and the importance of networking with alumni and the business community.

MarySheila McDonald, La Salle University Associate Business Dean

Fostering Business

“Delta Sigma Pi provides opportunities for fostering the study of business, professional development, and scholarship, which aligns with our mission for cultivating our students’ practical and academic skills.”    

Reginald H. Gilyard, Chapman Business Dean

Delta Sigma Pi is a co-ed professional business fraternity with a long history of developing excellence in future business leaders. With nationally supported leadership training, professional development events and quality service, professional, social, and educational programming through local chapters, Delta Sigma Pi earns its reputation as America’s foremost business fraternity.

The information below assists college and university administrators and faculty in evaluating Delta Sigma Pi, learning more about the organization and advisory roles, and verifying award information. Please address any additional questions or concerns to the Delta Sigma Pi Central Office via email or by phone at 513-523-1907.