Chapter Management Program (CMP)

Delta Sigma Pi helps collegiate chapter officers keep track of chapter management and formal communication with the Fraternity through its web-based Chapter Management Program—CMP for short.

The Chapter Management Program establishes clear guidelines and operational requirements for all chapters in the areas of:
  • Recruitment
  • Membership
  • Finances
  • Professional and Service Programs
  • Leadership Development
  • Alumni Relations
Good record keeping through CMP simplifies operations for chapter officers, and keeps lines of communication open between chapters and the national organization, so potential problems can be addressed quickly.

The CMP Guide contains a wealth of information about CMP, including benchmarks for CMP tiers. Tier designations give chapters both incentive to manage their operations well, and also credit for activities completed throughout the year.
  • Accredited Chapters – An operationally sound chapter that turns in 100% of required forms as outlined in the CMP Guide with 95% or more submitted correctly and on time is designated an Accredited Chapter.
  • Chapter of Recognition – Accredited chapters that also complete the requirements for the second CMP tier, including a well-rounded program focusing on alumni, faculty, and new member outreach, are designated Chapters of Recognition.
  • Chapter of Excellence – Chapters that complete all three levels of CMP requirements as described in the CMP Guide, including completion of larger-scale events and national Fraternity promotion, are designated Chapters of Excellence.
Details regarding CMP may be found in the Fraternity’s comprehensive CMP Guide. Chapter officers access CMP reports, forms, and submissions through the Hub. Members or administrators who are not currently officers in a collegiate chapter may view CMP Status Reports online.