Leadership, Personal & Professional Development

Delta Sigma Pi not only gives you the leadership and communication skills you need to do well professionally, but also remains a lifelong resource as you navigate major life changes like finding a new job. The e-learning modules on this page are designed to help you navigate real life.

These e-learning courses are just a start. Check out the life and career resources available to Deltasigs, and get involved in your local collegiate chapter or alumni chapter to find out more about how Delta Sigma Pi can be a resource for you throughout your career.

Below you will find presentations and webinars on Leadership & Personal Development and Professional Development. Estimated times for each session are noted for your reference, and items within sections are in alphabetic order.

Leadership & Personal Development

  • Conflict Management: Mediation of Disputes (0321) - 62 minutes
    Kevin Adamson, Lynchburg (VA), an attorney, teaches about mediating disputes, seeking resolution and closure, and discusses ways to ultimately avoid additional actions such as chapter trials or even lawsuits in the professional world.
  • Cultivating Opportunities Through Presence (0221) - 58 minutes
    In a market where relationships land you the job, not the application, establishing a solid network is critical to starting your career. Join Rocky Mountain RVP Nick Rizzi and Austin Bristow, Indiana, to learn how to build your personal brand, both in-person and online.
  • Developing Trust to Build Strong Teams (0421) - 58 minutes
    To build trust, we must get to know each other’s backgrounds, experiences and preferences. By increasing self-awareness for each individual, and allowing team members to share these learnings, we create an environment in which people are more likely to lead with trust. During this presentation learn how to develop a strong understanding of the impact of trust on team results and learn approaches to explore options for developing trust.
  • Digging Deeper for Diverse Talent (0721) - 45 minutes
    Dwain Celistan, Loyola-New Orleans, provides objective and fact-based rationale as to the value of diverse teams, leaving you armed with a fresh approach to revisit this topic with your chapter or professionally. 
  • EQ and You (1020) - 20 minutes
    Learn more about emotional intelligence: the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.
  • Leading Through Changing Times (0221) - 85 minutes
    Keynote from the Spring 2021 Virtual LEAD (starting at 23:08) presented by President and CEO of Destination DC and 2018 Deltasig Career Achievement Award recipient Elliott Ferguson, Savannah State (GA), followed by Q&A with Brother Ferguson. 
  • Level 10 Leadership (0721) - 60 minutes
    Adam Carroll shares the four not-so-obvious things you can do daily to make sure you are not only living at a Level 10, but inspiring others to do exactly the same.
  • Managing Virtual Burnout (1020) - 11 minutes
    You hear about “zoom fatigue” – it is a thing, and this session will offer some ideas to help you get rested and ready to go!
  • Mastery of Money for Students (1020) - 21 minutes
    Planning for your financial future as a collegiate will lead to better riches throughout life.
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (0520) - 58 minutes 
    Modeled from the book, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," learn seven habits exhibited by top leaders and how to implement them in your own leadership style. 
  • Talent Management Transformation (0121) - 58 minutes
    Learn about the State of Missouri's talent transformation from Director of Talent Acquisition and Deltasig Golden Council member Dawn Sweazea. Also hear more about using data to improve and how to use collaboration and communication for overall success. 
  • Your Life Won't Change Unless You Do (0121) - 47 minutes
    Learn about the five stages of change and the support needed to be successful in each phase--walking away knowing how to help themselves and assist others.

Professional Development

  • Beyond Doing Good: How to Leverage Your Volunteer Time to be More Employable (1020) - 9 minutes
    All your volunteer time - whether in Deltasig, your community, your university, your church or more – can be translated into skills for your resume.
  • Beyond Stock Options: Career Options in Mission-Based Organizations (0121) - 54 minutes
    Susan Plassmeyer, Truman State (MO), discusses interesting and fulfilling career opportunities within non-profit organizations.  
  • Career Benefits of Studying and Interning Abroad (0421) - 67 minutes
    Learn how studying and interning abroad can jumpstart your career and career benefits of international business experiences.
  • Crushing Your Virtual Brand (1020) - 25 minutes
    How does your social media and online presence define you?
  • Digging Deeper for Diverse Leaders (1020) - 22 minutes
    Diversifying your recruiting efforts – whether in the chapter or the workplace – will yield better results.
  • Financial Services Careers and Licensing Info (1120) - 31 minutes
    Deltasig partner, ExamFX, reviews the licensing process and what you could be doing now with the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) program that could open a door to your potential new career!
  • Financial Services Careers Await (0221) - 41 minutes
    Laramie McClurg, ExamFX National Account Manager, and Kaitlyn Stott, Northwestern Mutual Director of Campus Recruitment & Development, provide information on steps to consider to get started in a career in financial services.
  • Financial Services Careers Await You Webinar (1220) - 30 minutes
    Considering a career in financial services? Colonial Life and Deltasig partner ExamFX will provide information on steps to consider to get started. 
  • Gen Z Recruiting for DDs and Advisors (0121) - 43 minutes
    Learn tips for recruiting Gen Z.
  • Getting Your First Job During the Pandemic (0321) - 48 minutes
    Justine Ramsey, Buffalo (NY), with Deltasig partner GEICO Careers, reviews tips you can use to be successful in getting hired during a pandemic as well as diving into how to make the transition from candidate to associate in a virtual environment.
  • Getting Your Promotion or Raise (0621) - 50 minutes
    Tim Augustine provides tips to help ensure your manager knows your goals and keep your communication active as your working relationship develops. Learn about the magic of start, stop and continue.  
  • Increase Your Impact and Get Promoted (0221) - 47 minutes
    Learn actions that can be implemented immediately to help you increase your impact and get promoted. This session is being presented by Dwain Celistan, Loyola-New Orleans, an executive recruiter and former senior executive. 
  • Leading in a Virtual Environment (1020) - 25 minutes
    Learn how you can best lead, even when you’re not at the same table, or in the same room.
  • Managing Your Manager (06/21) - 29 minutes
    Learn how to get the most out of the relationship with your supervisor by appreciating their importance on your career, aligning your goals and receiving valuable feedback.
  • Networking Into Your Dream Career (1120) - 38 minutes
    Learn about finding job opportunities with a hands-on approach for students to find and connect with recruiters and hiring managers on LinkedIn. You will also learn how to build your brand on LinkedIn with tips to leverage it to peek recruiters' interests from coveted companies. 
  • Top 10 Interviewing Tips to Land that Dream Job Webinar (1220) - 58 minutes
    Learn how to nail your next job interview and land your dream job!
  • Top 10 Interviewing Tips to Land that Dream Job (0121) -  57 minutes
    Jim Leingang, Truman State (MO), is here to help anyone who has been on a job interview and felt like they could have done a better job, or who wants to nail their next job interview and land their dream job!
  • Top 10 Tips for Mastering the Remote Work Environment (1020) - 10 minutes
    Learn about some good habits and processes for working remotely.
  • Urgent Industries-Landing a Job in a Hot Industry (0721) - 57 minutes
    Tim Augustine explores the concept of Urgent Industries (rising and in emerging industries), shares signs you should watch for and provides examples of the top five Urgent Industries.