Leadership, Personal & Professional Development

Delta Sigma Pi not only gives you the leadership and communication skills you need to do well professionally, but also remains a lifelong resource as you navigate major life changes like finding a new job. The e-learning modules on this page are designed to help you navigate real life.

These e-learning courses are just a start. Check out the life and career resources available to Deltasigs, and get involved in your local collegiate chapter or alumni chapter to find out more about how Delta Sigma Pi can be a resource for you throughout your career.

Below you will find presentations and webinars on Leadership & Personal Development and Professional Development. Estimated times for each session are noted for your reference, and items within sections are in alphabetic order.

Leadership & Personal Development

  • EQ and You (1020) - 20 minutes
    Learn more about emotional intelligence: the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.
  • I'd Follow My Passion, If I Only Knew What It Was! (0212) - 55 minutes
    In this informative webinar, learn tips for discovering your passion and then learn how to pursue it in your career and personal life.  For more information about Adam Carroll or to check out his book, Winning the Money Game, visit www.adamspeaks.com.
  • Living the 4 Agreements (1218) - 33 minutes
    The Four Agreements, written by Don Miguel Ruiz, provides a template for living a life that is free from unintentional conflict, allowing individuals to have more power over themselves, and greater influence among those they lead. Learn the agreements and how they impact individuals, chapters, and what happens when they’re violated to the community and brotherhood.
  • Maintaining a Proper Digital Presence (1118) - 30 minutes
    This webinar presented by Justine Ramsey from our career partner GEICO will help you navigate the ins and outs of social media/digital etiquette. You will learn best practices for maintaining your social media profiles, interacting with others digitally and presenting yourself in the best light as a business professional.
  • Managing Virtual Burnout (1020) - 11 minutes
    You hear about “zoom fatigue” – it is a thing, and this session will offer some ideas to help you get rested and ready to go!
  • Mastery of Money for Students (1020) - 21 minutes
    Planning for your financial future as a collegiate will lead to better riches throughout life.
  • Talent Management Transformation (0121) - 58 minutes
    Learn about the State of Missouri's talent transformation from Director of Talent Acquisition and Deltasig Golden Council member Dawn Sweazea. Also hear more about using data to improve and how to use collaboration and communication for overall success. 

Professional Development

  • Beyond Doing Good: How to Leverage Your Volunteer Time to be More Employable (1020) - 9 minutes
    All your volunteer time - whether in Deltasig, your community, your university, your church or more – can be translated into skills for your resume.
  • Crushing Your Virtual Brand (1020) - 25 minutes
    How does your social media and online presence define you?
  • Digging Deeper for Diverse Leaders (1020) - 22 minutes
    Diversifying your recruiting efforts – whether in the chapter or the workplace – will yield better results.
  • Financial Services Careers and Licensing Info (1120) - 31 minutes
    Deltasig partner, ExamFX, reviews the licensing process and what you could be doing now with the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) program that could open a door to your potential new career!
  • Financial Services Careers Await You Webinar (1220) - 30 minutes
    Considering a career in financial services? Colonial Life and Deltasig partner ExamFX will provide information on steps to consider to get started. 
  • Gen Z Recruiting for DDs and Advisors (0121) - 43 minutes
    Learn tips for recruiting Gen Z.
  • How to Get in with Anyone and Maintain Your Relationships (0914) - 28 minutes
    In this webinar, you will learn the 17 rules on how to network at conferences even if you don't know anyone. You will also learn the best principles for before, during, and after each conference you attend.  
  • How to Navigate Through Conflict Management (1118) - 36 minutes
    In this session, we will explore the sources of conflict including conflicting goals, personalities, and values; different styles or a conflict in values. Tim Augustine will arm the leaders to transform the situation into something better by leveraging their own conflict management style.
  • Leading in a Virtual Environment (1020) - 25 minutes
    Learn how you can best lead, even when you’re not at the same table, or in the same room.
  • Networking Into Your Dream Career (1120) - 38 minutes
    Learn about finding job opportunities with a hands-on approach for students to find and connect with recruiters and hiring managers on LinkedIn. You will also learn how to build your brand on LinkedIn with tips to leverage it to peek recruiters' interests from coveted companies. 
  • Taking the Conflict Out of Conflict Management (0314) - 50 minutes 
    This session helps you understand the human reactions to conflict and learn how to focus your efforts on resolving situations in a positive manner.
  • The Power of Mentoring - Be a Mentor/How to Find One (0718) - 43 minutes 
    In this webinar, you’ll learn the benefits of being a mentee or mentor and how to find opportunities to start these relationships.
  • Top 10 Interviewing Tips to Land that Dream Job Webinar (1220) - 58 minutes
    Learn how to nail your next job interview and land your dream job!
  • Top 10 Tips for Mastering the Remote Work Environment (1020) - 10 minutes
    Learn about some good habits and processes for working remotely.
  • Where Are All the Internships and Jobs? (0410) - 60 minutes 
    This powerful seminar is based on Tim Augustine's nationally acclaimed book How Hard Are You Knocking?. Tim gives college students proven strategies for navigating through this challenging job market and landing the job or internship they desire. Learn more about Tim Augustine and view other useful career search topics at www.howhardareyouknocking.com.
  • Why Trust Matters (0119) - 52 minutes 
    This webinar will provide an understanding of the five key behaviors of highly effective teams, examples of how trust changes the dynamic of team performance and activities and discussions that help team members develop trust.