Partnering with America's Foremost Business Fraternity:

Values and Benefits for the Business Community

Delta Sigma Pi has thousands of members serving as leaders in professional, governmental, and civic roles around the country and around the world. When you partner with Delta Sigma Pi, you have access to influential leaders with resources and connections that can promote your products and services, as well as provide opportunities to connect with and hire driven, high-achieving business students and alumni.

Partnerships with Delta Sigma Pi can take several forms:
  • Career Partners – Delta Sigma Pi can connect your company with top business students, graduates, and professionals at all levels. We promote internships and career opportunities to our active and engaged membership.
  • Educational Partners – Delta Sigma Pi connects our educational partners to those members looking to meet their educational goals. We promote MBA programs and other advanced degrees, study abroad programs, and educational consulting companies to top business students and graduates.
  • Affinity Partners – Our affinity partners provide educational programs, training, professional development, or other services to Delta Sigma Pi members. In exchange, we provide visibility, promotion, and relationship development.
  • Sales Partners – Delta Sigma Pi can promote your product, service, or benefit to our members. Many of our sales partners offer Delta Sigma Pi discounts and are pleased with the increased visibility and client base they enjoy from their engagement with our membership.
Partnerships—which can take the form of general sponsorships, event-specific sponsorships or a combination of the two—are available at a variety of levels to meet your goals.

Contact Delta Sigma Pi to learn more about how your organization can benefit from partnering with us. We look forward to connecting you with our members.