Why Attend Delta Sigma Pi Events? 

Why Attend
We make sure that each Delta Sigma Pi event includes fresh programming, detailed planning, and great opportunities to network, build your skills, and grow both personally and professionally. 

Delta Sigma Pi events are for everyone.

Whether you’re an alumnus, a collegiate member, a brand new pledge, or even a guest, Delta Sigma Pi events have programs, training, and opportunities designed for you. There’s always something new to learn, someone new to meet, and new content to hear at a Delta Sigma Pi event—be it a national, regional, or locally based activity.

Delta Sigma Pi events make an impact.

Want to grow as a leader? Build your professional skills? Make contacts to help your job search? Give back to your community? Delta Sigma Pi events offer all of that and more. For a reasonable financial and time commitment, you can achieve a huge impact in your life by attending a Delta Sigma Pi event.

Delta Sigma Pi events are fun!

No matter what your age or situation, you’re sure to have a great time at Delta Sigma Pi events. From social events to service projects, from renowned keynotes to hands-on training, Delta Sigma Pi events are fun and entertaining, as well as being informative and useful. Find out more about all the ways to get involved with Delta Sigma Pi.