How Universities Can Support Chapters

Arizona Gamma Psi
The benefits of a business fraternity for students on your campus are myriad. With opportunities for local, regional, and national events dedicated to providing leadership training, professional development , and networking, Delta Sigma Pi facilitates learning both in and out of the classroom. As a college or university with an active Delta Sigma Pi chapter, you can enhance the development of your students in a number of ways, including:
  • Help the students learn valuable fundraising and marketing skills. Delta Sigma Pi collegiate chapters rely on marketing skills to recruit new members, and fundraising to support chapter training and programming, as well as trips to national leadership conferences. Could your administrators or committees offer advice or tips to Delta Sigma Pi students? Offer a short training seminar? Assist students in brainstorming or planning efforts?
  • Support enrollment in business conferences. Delta Sigma Pi puts on regional and national conferences with renowned speakers, high-quality training sessions, and valuable hands-on training. Business departments might sponsor student attendance at these events, help offset travel expenses, or suggest ways for students to boost enrollment.
  • Refer excellent speakers. Each collegiate chapter sponsors several professional events during the academic year. These might take the form of lectures, seminars, or interactive training events such as business tours. Could your office refer alumni or suggest other speakers whose skills and background would benefit business students on your campus?
  • Suggest high-impact community service opportunities. Collegiate chapters also engage in at least six service projects per academic year. The Fraternity sponsors national service initiatives, but chapters also have the freedom to determine, plan, and carry out their own projects and areas of focus. If your office knows of particular needs in your community or service opportunities where business students could have valuable impact, suggest these to your Delta Sigma Pi chapter.
  • Call on Delta Sigma Pi students to help accomplish university objectives. Help students develop skills in planning, communication, and more by tasking them to help run homecoming, business school week, alumni week, a career fair, or other programs that benefit your department. The Fraternity is ready, willing, and able to help you in these and other ways that provide mutual success.
  • Encourage faculty participation. Delta Sigma Pi collegiate chapters rely on faculty to guide their activities and mentor students as they prepare for careers in business. Faculty and administrators can join Delta Sigma Pi themselves, or can serve in advisory roles and make a difference in the lives of America’s future business leaders.
The benefits of a business fraternity like Delta Sigma Pi for your campus include supporting your students, supporting your community, and building the business leaders of the future. Reach out to your local chapter to learn more about how you can support Delta Sigma Pi.