Leadership Foundation Trustees and Governance

Trustee Group Photo August 2023 Meeting

Delta Sigma Pi’s Leadership Foundation exists as a separate 501(c)3 entity that supports the Fraternity, its goals, and its members. Although dedicated to supporting the Fraternity, the Foundation remains independently governed by a Board of Trustees and a publicly available set of financial and organizational standards found in the Leadership Foundation Policies and Procedures manual.

How is the Leadership Foundation managed? 

With the oversight and management of a Board of Trustees, Delta Sigma Pi's Leadership Foundation
  • Maintains and reviews sound investment policies.
  • Contracts with fully vetted investment managers to maintain and increase funds and endowments while minimizing risk.
  • Keeps full accounting of all transactions.
  • Provides annual fund performance information to fund owners.

How is the Board of Trustees selected?

Foundation Trustees serve up to three consecutive two-year terms and are elected or re-elected at each Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Leadership Foundation. Trustees may be nominated or individuals may declare interest in serving as a trustee by contacting the Executive Vice President of the Leadership Foundation by phone at 513-523-1907 or via email.

Who is on the current Board of Trustees?

Current voting and non-voting Trustees and committee members are listed below, along with their professional qualifications and contact information.  

Voting Trustees

BETH KEITHTheta Pi - Bowling Green State (OH)
Office: President/Chair
Profession: Relationship Manager, Pro-Fi 20/20
Residence: Atlanta

SHAWN GREGORYEpsilon Rho - Tampa (FL)
Office: Vice Chair
Profession: Chief Financial Officer, St. Petersburg General Hospital
Residence: Tampa, Fla.

TIM AUGUSTINEBeta Pi - Kent State (OH)
Profession: Partner/Owner, Atwell, LLC. 
Residence: Detroit

JOELLE BERLATEta Psi - Houston

Profession: Managing Director, Deloitte Tax LLP
Residence: Houston

SHANE BORDENTheta Sigma - Central Florida
Profession: Staff Technical Solutions Consultant, Google
Residence: Orlando, Fla.

PAUL CARPINELLA, Lambda Tau - Bentley (MA)
Profession: Director of Demand Generation, VIZIT
Residence: Stoughton, Mass.

CONCHITA DIXONMu Pi - Penn State-Erie

Profession: Financial Advisor, Vanguard
Residence: Philadelphia

FRANK HODAS, Xi Rho - George Washington (DC)
Profession: Vice President Finance, Paladin Capital Group
Residence: Arlington, VA

JERRY HOTWAGNER, Gamma Epsilon, Oklahoma State
Profession: Vice President Finance/CFO, Bio Tech, Inc.
Residence: Mustang, Okla. 

TOSIN ODESANYAEpsilon Chi - Georgia Southern
Profession: SVP, Head of Digital Self Service, Synchrony Financial
Residence: Frisco, Texas (Dallas area)

SANDY SHOEMAKERKappa Omicron - Missouri State 
Profession: President, Shoemaker Consulting
Residence: Larkspur, Colo. 

CORY STOPKATheta Tau - St. Cloud (MN)
Profession: Sales Representative, Packard Culligan Water
Residence: Burnsville, Minn. (Minneapolis area)

Non-voting Trustees / Staff 

SHANDA GRAYKappa Omicron - Missouri State
Profession: Staff/Chief Operating Officer, Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation
Residence: St. Louis

Profession: Administrative Coordinator, Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation 
Residence: Oxford, Ohio

Profession: Trustee/Executive Director, Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity
Residence: Oxford, Ohio

Profession: Trustee/Executive Vice President, Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation 
Residence: Oxford, Ohio