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Make A Difference Day

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How to Participate

Every alumni and collegiate chapter should strive to participate in Make A Difference Day. It would be difficult for all chapters to participate in the same service event, but if we all participate in a service event on the same day, it gives our Fraternity a sense of unity and provides more impact to our communities. Events don’t have to be time-consuming. Every LEAD has a community service opportunity -- from collecting a million pop tabs to specific opportunities for each city in which the in-person LEADs were to be  held (see the LEAD event for more details). If your chapter’s calendar is full, you can even plan to drop off your Ronald McDonald House pop tab donation  on Make A Difference Day. The only qualification is that the project be somehow related to community service, and that it takes place on or around the fourth Saturday of October.

Event Ideas

Get ideas for additional events you can use for Make A Difference Day by reviewing this year's list of participating chapters and reaching out to them. This year, help Delta Sigma Pi make a difference!