Collegiate Chapter Leadership

Leadership is a core value for Delta Sigma Pi. One of the many ways we seek to build leadership skills in our collegiate members is through opportunities to hold leadership positions within collegiate chapters. For members new to Delta Sigma Pi leadership positions, or who are looking for particular documents associated with their positions, investigating the landing pages for each position can help to answer your questions. Please keep in mind that some documents may relate to multiple officer positions, so be sure to look into other position pages if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Find out more about Delta Sigma Pi collegiate chapter leadership positions:

  • President – The President is the chief executive officer of the chapter and ensures officers complete their duties impartially, accurately, faithfully, and promptly.
  • Senior Vice President  – The SVP assists the chapter president and oversees recruiting activities and the pledging ceremony of the chapter.
  • Vice President-Pledge Education – The VPPE oversees the pledge education program and ensures everything is ready for initiation.
  • Vice President-Finance – The VPF oversees the budgets and financials for the chapter, including making payments to the National Fraternity for member dues, initiation fees and other expenses.
  • Vice President-Chapter Operations – The VPCO ensures the chapter is meeting the requirements of the Chapter Management Program and acts as the chapter secretary.
  • Chancellor – The Chancellor presides over chapter meetings, serves as the Ritual Chair, and maintains the chapter bylaws and polices.
  • Vice President-Professional Activities – The VPPA oversees the development and implementation of the chapter’s professional program.
  • Vice President-Community Service – The VPCS oversees the development and implementation of the chapter’s community service program.
  • Vice President-Scholarship and Awards – The VPSA oversees the chapter’s award application process, including completing annual chapter award applications and ensuring the nomination of a Collegian of the Year candidate, and develops programs to foster and recognize members’ academic achievement.
  • Vice President-Alumni Relations  – The VPAR sustains relations with chapter and local alumni by educating members on how to stay involved, maintaining contact information for alumni, and promoting activities of local alumni chapters. The VPAR also acts as the chapter’s historian.
  • Chapter Advisor – The Chapter Advisor, who must be a faculty member of the university, serves as a liaison to the school for the chapter and National Fraternity and assists chapter officers in the development of their plans and duties.
  • District Director  – The DD, who is an alumni member, monitors the performance of chapter by communicating regularly with the chapter officers and encourages chapter members to actively participate in National Fraternity programs.

Virtual Collaboration

Our priority is to support chapters with resources to help them during COVID-19. Watch the video below to learn how to get started with virtual collaboration. The Guide on Inter-Chapter Collaboration may also be helpful.
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