Career Development

Boost Your Career at Every Stage

Delta Sigma Pi is a fraternity for business professionals at every stage. Whether you’re still in school, close to retirement, or somewhere in between, your membership in Delta Sigma Pi can help you develop your career and maximize your impact.
Career Development

Learn and Grow 

Delta Sigma Pi develops e-learning and webinar modules that cover information business professionals need to succeed at all levels. Our e-learning site helps you land your first job, become a better manager, grow as an effective leader, balance your personal life, and plan for retirement. But learning doesn’t stop there. With informative modules on a wide range of topics, and frequent updates, you’ll always find more ways to grow personally, professionally, and intellectually with Delta Sigma Pi.

Network Worldwide

In today’s business environment, networking is more and more critical to success. Your membership in Delta Sigma Pi gives you access to a vast network of members worldwide, so you can tap into expertise, vision, ideas, and perspective that give you a professional edge. You’ll also build lifelong friendships and add depth and richness to all aspects of your life as you network with fellow Deltasigs at national
conferences, regional events, and local meetings.

Build Critical Skills

Many Deltasigs trace their success in leadership to their involvement with the Fraternity. For business professionals, critical skills such as leadership, communication, and management help you stand out and achieve more in your field. Delta Sigma Pi offers you the opportunity to build these skills through carefully planned training modules and gain real-life experience through serving in leadership at all levels—from committees to event planning teams to strategic planning as a national officer. Your involvement with Delta Sigma Pi can make a significant difference in your career trajectory.

Get Hired

Looking for a job can be daunting, whether you’re a college senior, a mid-career manager, or a senior executive. We’ve compiled effective seminars about the job search process designed to help you with everything from changing industries to landing an interview. And our corporate partners  love to hire Deltasigs. We keep an updated listing of internships and jobs our corporate partners want to fill with Deltasigs like you.

Delta Sigma Pi supports our members throughout their careers. Whether you’re looking to keep your knowledge fresh, sharpen critical skills, or build a strong network, you can always turn to the Fraternity. For business professionals, the lifetime support of the Fraternity and other Deltasigs is a valuable and ongoing resource.