Make An Impact

NT Junior Achievement

You’ve learned the ideals of Delta Sigma Pi, and now you’re ready to make a difference—in your field of work, your personal life, and your community.  But how can you do that?  You’re committed to a life of service, but what’s the best way to maximize the impact of your time, talent, and treasure?

You Can Make a Difference.

Throughout your career, you can get involved with the service projects and events sponsored by Delta Sigma Pi.  You can also advance the ideals of the Fraternity by making it possible for other Deltasigs to have the incredible experiences you’ve found so formative and important to your own life. 

Giving Has Impact.

Your gifts to the Leadership Foundation fund leadership training, scholarships, and professional development events for undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni across the country and around the world.  Your gifts shape the business and community leaders of today and helps form the leaders of the future.  Every contribution helps to transform our government and cultural institutions, our economy, and our communities both now and for decades to come.

Be a Philanthropist.

You don’t need to make it big to make a difference.  With our Deltasig For Life Donor program, even small gifts come together to achieve maximum impact that resonates far into the future.  Make a difference and embody the ideals of Delta Sigma Pi by becoming a Deltasig For Life Donor.