Why Delta Sigma Pi

2019 Lexington LEAD
It is very important to Delta Sigma Pi that each partnership we create be customized to meet the needs of the individual partner. What works for one partner is not always going to work for the next. As such, each and every partnership varies in terms of the methods in which we market the partnership. There are many ways in which we can promote a partner, including:
  • Connect with our Chapters: Whether targeting specific schools or every school, many of our partners have benefited from the opportunity to work with our staff to connect local recruiters with students. Recruiters across the country have enjoyed presenting to our chapters as a result of introductions and promotions through our partnerships.
  • The National Website: Our website serves as a go-to resource for members and non-members alike, averaging more than 89,000 visits per month, by 11,000 unique users. Approximately 50% of unique visitors each month visit the partners section of the website. Beyond promotion in our partnership listings, a partnership may include prominent promotion on the Fraternity homepage or one of our audience specific landing pages.
  • Emails: One of the most prominent marketing tools our partners benefit from is promotion through email to our members, with approximately 100,000 dedicated emails. The emails we send on behalf of our partners have an average open rate of 40-50% and a 3-5% click-through rate.
  • Social Media: Delta Sigma Pi maintains an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Through sharing of corporate posts and unique content, our partners benefit from a total reach of over 30,000 people.
  • The Deltasig: Our national magazine, The Deltasig, is published three times a year with an approximate distribution of 24,000. The magazine is also posted to the website with all issues accessible through our archives.
  • Newsletters: Delta Sigma Pi publishes Deltasig in the News, a quarterly e-newsletter for alumni and collegiate members (approximate distribution of 100,000), and a monthly e-newsletter for alumni and collegiate level officers (approximate distribution of 2,500).
  • Fraternity Events: The national Fraternity organizes 10-11 events per year scattered strategically across the country for the greatest access to all members. Each event ranges in attendance (from 325-1,000 and provides an opportunity for our partners to get face-to-face with the collegiate and alumni members they are recruiting. There are also often opportunities at these events for our partners to present seminars on professional topics.
    • LEAD Events: Leadership and Excellence Academies for Deltasigs (LEAD) focus on educational development of all members of the Fraternity. There are two main types of LEAD events that are offered throughout the year, LEAD Schools in the fall, and LEAD Provincial Conferences in the spring. This variety of conferences, workshops and training sessions provide opportunities for members to maximize their potential in areas of personal, professional, leadership and fraternal development.
    • LEAD Schools are held in the fall, and are one-day events (Saturdays) traditionally featuring a keynote, four breakout sessions, and a lunch. There are five LEAD Schools hosted across the country on consecutive weekends throughout October and November. Average attendance at each event is approximately 325.
    • LEAD Provincial Conferences are held in the spring, and are three-day events (Friday evening through Sunday morning) traditionally featuring a Friday night networking event, keynote, four breakout sessions, lunch on Saturday, dinner banquet on Saturday night, and a Sunday morning business meeting. There are five LEAD Provincials hosted across the country on consecutive weekends throughout February and March. Average attendance at each event is approximately 400.
    • Grand Chapter Congress, our largest single event, is held in August of odd numbered years and with an average attendance of approximately 1,000 members from across the country. The event, which spans four days, Wednesday through Saturday, features educational sessions, two lunches, a banquet, two dances, and a national business meeting, which includes elections for national officers and more!