Deltasig 101 & Chapter/Startup Group Operations

If you’re new to Delta Sigma Pi in general, getting started in a leadership position, or even if you just need a refresher, Delta Sigma Pi 101 has you covered. Delta Sigma Pi 101 includes helpful topics for chapter management. The videos, presentations, and resources will deepen your understanding, sharpen your skills, and enable you to be a more engaged member and more effective leader in Delta Sigma Pi, as well as prepare you for professional opportunities in your current or future career.

CDL Renewal Process

The full CDL certification and renewal details and requirements can be found at Become or Renew CDLFor those seeking to achieve Certified Deltasig Leader (CDL) status or to renew your CDL, you will be required to watch some of these sessions, as well as complete any new or updated CDL Presentations. To receive credit for CDL Renewal from Deltasig 101 offerings on this page, please be sure to watch presentations marked as CDL Eligible and noted with a *. 

Below you will find presentations and webinars on Chapter/Colony Operations, Event Planning, Alumni/Faculty Relations, Fundraising/Financial Management, Meeting Management, Motivation, Recruiting and Volunteer Resources. Estimated times for each session are noted for your reference, and items within sections are in alphabetic order.

Chapter/Colony Operations

  • Alumni Chapter Recognition Program- 13 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Learn about the Alumni Chapter Recognition Program and make your alumni chapter award-winning this year!
  • CMP/Hub 101: The Basics* - 22 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    A quick overview of Chapter Management Program (CMP) and how to maximize using the Hub
  • CMP Check-Up (1221)- 43 minutes
    Our team will provide some ideas for a number of programming areas as well as provide time for everyone to share in small groups your best ideas in a number of topic areas. 
  • Collegians of the Year- 7 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    What is Collegian of the Year and why should all chapters nominate a deserving member each fall?
  • Conflict Management: Mediation of Disputes (0321) - 62 minutes
    Kevin Adamson, Lynchburg (VA), an attorney, teaches about mediating disputes, seeking resolution and closure, and discusses ways to ultimately avoid additional actions such as chapter trials or even lawsuits in the professional world.
  • Digging Deeper for Diverse Leaders (1020) - 22 minutes
    Diversifying your recruiting efforts – whether in the chapter or the workplace – will yield better results.
  • Effective Transitions and Planning for Officers (1020) - 21 minutes
    It’s time to transition to your new officers – don’t just hand over the binder or box, let’s talk about a transition plan!
  • Facilitating the Pledge Education Program (0821) - 33 minutes                                                  Our Chapter Services team wants to help debunk any myths about the policy or the program, provide tips for facilitating the program virtually, hybrid, and in-person, and answer questions about the curriculum.
  • Get Ready to Submit Your Chapter Awards (0421) - 44 minutes
    Learn what chapters should be doing to set up their year to win awards, the awards available, what an award-winning application should look like, and the submission process itself. 
  • Hub for Collegiate Chapters- 19 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    An overview of how the Hub helps your chapter manage its day to day processes and reporting.
  • Individual Discipline Policy Session (0923) - 41 minutes 
    During this webinar, the National Standards Committee will provide a brief overview of the IDP process, resources and available trainings, and answer any IDP-related questions!
  • Is Your Chapter Initiation Ready? (0223) - 23 minutes 
    In this program we will discuss the current ritual book, recent updates to ritual, best practices for developing your ritual team, reporting the initiation ceremony, and more.
  • Planning and Implementing Effective Transitions (1021) - 39 minutes
    Our Consulting Team will share what they have learned from chapters conducting elections and transition processes during the last year. Topics will include best practices for nominations, candidate speeches, software tools, voting processes and transitions.
  • Planning for Effective Transitions (0421) - 41 minutes
    Learn best practices for what to do post elections, transition tips, expectations, and how to most effectively transitions your incoming officers.
  • Putting the Strategy in Strategic Planning (1122) - 58 minutes
    In this session, you will learn new ideas and methods for strategic planning for your chapter. Learn how to get others engaged and how to maximize your chapter’s potential.
  • Risk Management for Leaders (0921) - 38 minutes
    This presentation will discuss some of the challenges of working with undergraduates, and how your policies, resources and education can inform your prevention education efforts.
  • Risk Management - The Responsibility of Membership in Delta Sigma Pi (1021) - 40 minutes
    This session will address the challenges our chapters are facing, and how to prevent incidents, claims and other bad outcomes. We’ll discuss how advisors can provide guidance and undergraduate members can benefit from their fraternal experience.
  • Setting Yourself Up For CMP Success (0922) - 24 minutes
    The Chapter Services Team will share how a chapter can plan for CMP to achieve a chapter's greatest potential. Topics that will be covered are how to submit CMP events on The Hub, how to have events approved on the original submission, utilizing the CMP guide as a tool for success, commonly missed CMP items, and how to submit those items.
  • Submitting a Winning COY Application (1022) - 13 minutes
    In this session, we will review the COY program, provide tips on how to fully represent yourself in the application process to maximize your chances to be recognized as a Regional, Provincial, or even the National Collegian of the Year.
  • Strategic Planning - Setting Goals for Operational Success (0321) - 57 minutes
    Learn strategic planning best practices from Noel Miller, Albion (MI), and practice implementing them using your chapter/officer goals and case studies. Using the toolkit in this workshop, you’ll improve member engagement, chapter operations, and chapter events.
  • The Art of Risk (1022) - 45 minutes
    This session will address the challenges our chapters are facing, and how to prevent incidents, claims and other bad outcomes. We’ll discuss how advisors can provide guidance and undergraduate members can benefit from their fraternal experience.
  • Transitions: Keeping the Chapter History and Progress Moving (0422) - 20 minutes
    Our Consulting Team share what they have learned from chapters conducting elections and transition processes during the last year. Topics include: best practices for nominations, candidate speeches, software tools, voting processes and transitions.
  • What You Need to Know About the New IDP (1222) - 52 minutes
    The National Standards Committee will share an overview of the upcoming process, drafts of resources and trainings that will be available, and answer questions about the policy and/or processes.
  • Collegiate Chapter Officer Training Modules 
    Access officer training modules for each of the ten officially recognized collegiate chapter officers. Login is required to access. 
  • You Can't Win if You Don't Play - Submitting for National Awards (0423) - 20 minutes
    This session will provide details about what chapters should be doing to set up their year to win awards, the awards available, what an award-winning application should look like, and the submission process itself.

Event Planning

  • Community Service- 5 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Looking for some community service ideas… look no further.
  • Creating an Outstanding Professional Event- 8 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Professional events are the cornerstone of our professional business fraternity. Learn some new ideas and create an outstanding event for your chapter. 
  • Planning Events - For Your Chapter, Your Community and More (0921) - 45 minutes                This session is designed to provide you with tools to effectively and efficiently plan your chapter events. The tips and tools presented will relieve those stressors and make event planning easy!
  • Planning Events - For Your Chapter, Community and More (0822) - 45 minutes
    Whether you’re planning a professional or alumni activity, a community service activity or a fundraiser, you’re planning an event. This session is designed to provide you with tools to effectively and efficiently plan your chapter events.

Alumni/Faculty Relations

Fundraising/Financial Management

  • Chapter Leadership Funds: An Important Tool for Ongoing Success (1020) - 19 minutes
    What is a CLF and how can your chapter benefit?
  • Dynamic Deltasig Fundraising Webinar (0921) - 30 minutes                                                        What if your chapter members gained career experience, valuable industry contacts and other benefits from your next chapter fundraising project? Watch this webinar to be involved with a conversation about creating a dynamic fundraising project that is much more than raising money.

  • Effective Fundraising (0123) - 57 minutes
    This webinar, lead by Brother Brad Killmeyer, focuses on practical advice you and your teams can implement immediately. You will leave this webinar with a clear plan and newfound confidence in fundraising.
  • Fun (and Profitable) Fundraising (0214) - 51 minutes
    This webinar gives you some fun and creative thinking, as well as tools and examples to help your chapter be more effective at fundraising.
  • Raising Funds for Your Chapter Leadership Fund - The 2021 Founders' Day Challenge (1021) - 37 minutes
    The Foundation will use ambassadors, match and challenge gifts, social media and email to make a significant push to increase dollars given, the number of new donors and gifts given by current donors. The 2021 Founders' Day Challenge will be used to raise money for each Chapter’s Leadership Fund.
  • Raising Revenues: Making the Most of Your Fundraising- 12 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Successful fundraising is a key to chapter success to help support events, activities and members.
  • Spending & Earning the Right Way: A Guide to Chapter Finances & Fundraising (0221) - 35 minutes
    Learn the essentials of a chapter budget, review various fundraising ideas and identify key resources to help your chapter succeed financially. 

Meeting Management

  • Communicating in Today's World (1221) -  57 minutes
    Discover the impact of today’s environment on your communication, understand critical elements of writing effective e-mails, and identify methods to navigate through conversations and group dynamics. 
  • Get Into Your Dream MBA Program (1121) -  53 minutes
    Getting into your dream MBA program can change your life. Where you study has a huge impact on your network, skills, career earning potential, and much more.
  • Effective Meetings (0918) -  40 minutes
    Understand the importance of planning before running meetings and be empowered to run effective meetings, delegate effectively, and ensure thorough meeting minutes
  • Effective Chapter and Executive Committee Meetings- 13 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Gather some new ideas to have effective meetings for your chapter and executive committee.
  • Robert’s Rules to Effective Meetings (0114) - 85 minutes
    This webinar provides tips and techniques to help your chapter overcome common roadblocks to effective and timely meetings.
  • Virtual Meetings that Work (1020) - 13 minutes
    Virtual meetings can be effective, but you must set the ground rules and follow a plan to keep everything flowing.


  • 5 Strategies to Land Your Dream Job on LinkedIn (0123) - 39 minutes
    This webinar will cover LinkedIn strategies that will help you: make your profile work for you, apply super settings to get noticed by recruiters, embrace the power of communities, learn practices for posting on LinkedIn, and apply for jobs on the platform.
  • Brain Hacks to Slay Your Task List (1022) - 57 minutes
    In this session, you will walk away with Brain Hacks to have more energy, be the master of your day, save time for more fun, have more opportunities than you thought possible.
  • Exercise Your Leadership (1022) - 28 minutes
    This session will challenge students to stop being followers and use their influence through the choices they make, the influence they have on others, and the way they respond to adversity by developing a strong character and the muscle they need to create more leaders, not followers.
  • FIRE Them Up: Motivating Your Members (1020) - 18 minutes
    Motivation is a key to success – how can you help motivate your members for better performance.
  • How to Place Personality Types in your Organization (1221) - 51 minutes
    Learning and understanding personality types and how they work together have many real-world applications including workplace environments.
  • Interviewing Tips and Tricks (0322) - 51 minutes
    Join a Human Resources Specialist to learn about interviewing tips and tricks. What question you should be ready for to the questions you should be asking, learn this and more to best prepare yourself for your next interview.
  • Making Brothers Feel Valued, Motivated and Supported (0221) - 60 minutes
    Learn how to motivate your members to attend meetings and events as well as how to make them feel supported and valued. You will also learn how to inspire chapter leadership to lead. The session is facilitated by Brennen Feder, Arizona, who has served as President, SVP and on the National COVID-19 Task Force.
  • Managing Virtual Burnout (1020) - 11 minutes
    You hear about “zoom fatigue” – it is a thing, and this session will offer some ideas to help you get rested and ready to go!
  • Mastering Motivation (0122) - 58 minutes
    In this workshop, join Nick Rizzi and Austin Bristow to learn how to not only light a fire in your professional and personal life for yourself, but for those around you. Making you the go-to project leader.
  • Motivation and Participation: How to Keep Brothers Involved (1211) - 43 minutes
    This webinar provides information on how to boost the morale and participation of chapter members throughout the school year and how to re-energize them after summer and winter breaks.     
  • Motivation (and More): The Key to a Successful Organization- 18 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Motivated members leads to success – learn how you can motivate in your chapter, workplace and other organizations.
  • Personal Branding & Networking on LinkedIn (1121) - 22 minutes
    Riddle & Bloom hosts a great session webinar on Personal Branding & Networking on LinkedIn. R&B's Recruiting Manager Madison Ueland shares tips & tricks for how Gen Z can optimize LinkedIn today to standout professionally.
  • The Power of Positivity (0821) - 53 minutes                                                                                    This webinar challenges individuals to have a positive attitude in spite of the uncertainties and events that are out of their control while creating a new norm as role models instead of role followers.
  • Top 10 Interviewing Tips to Land That Dream Job (0922) - 58 minutes
    Who wants to nail that next interview and land your dream job? Who has ever been on an interview and felt like you could have done a much better job? Join Jim Leingang to learn the Top 10 Interview Tips and then nail the interview for that dream job!
  • What's on Your Bucket List? with Tim Augustine (1122) - 51 minutes
    In this session, we will explore the process of developing your own bucket list, which is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life-experiences you desire to experience before you die or kick the bucket.
  • Why Wait? Learn How to Jumpstart Your Entrepreneurial Journey Through Apprentice (0223) - 20 minutes
    Rob will share experiences in college from working directly with a serial entrepreneur, Dave Kerpen, to launching Apprentice in 2019 through growing to generate nearly $1M in revenue in 2021. Apprentice is a platform that connects entrepreneurs with great college students to work remotely to tackle their business needs.
  • Workplace Secrets to Tell my Younger Self (0821) - 55 minutes                                                   What is something that all of us have worked really had for, but now, it can be damaged as quick as 10 seconds due to technology? Learn the answer to this question and more with the interactive webinar on “Workplace secrets to tell my younger self!”


  • Closing the Deal - Making Connections with Potential Pledges (0123) - 23 minutes
    This recruitment webinar is about having individuals commit to joining right after classes start. It is also about using the momentum created to generate additional interest for the upcoming, or potentially a second, pledge education program.
  • Gen Z Recruiting for DDs and Advisors (0121) - 43 minutes
    Learn tips for recruiting Gen Z.
  • R & R: Recruitment and Retention (0121) - 52 minutes
    This presentation focuses on the core aspects of recruitment: determining who to target, promotion, events, and retention of both recruits and brothers throughout the recruiting process.
  • Ready, Set, Recruit! (0821) - 47 minutes
    Gain solid ideas and plans for executing your recruitment process from and a panel of chapters that saw great success in recruiting. 
  • Recruiting Success Secrets (0114) - 57 minutes
    In this webinar, Mark Mikelat, a marketing consultant, author, and professional speaker, teaches you how to have an incredibly successful recruitment, including key words that attract the best students, how to sell Delta Sigma Pi, and what makes marketing messages effective.
  • Recruiting: The Lifeblood of the Fraternity- 4 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Without recruiting, Delta Sigma Pi would not exist!  Learn about recruiting strategies for your chapter’s success.
  • Recruitment Refresher (0822) - 50 minutes
    Join our Consulting Team to get a refresher on those tools and ways you can get that “YES!” when you ask a potential pledge if they want to join!
  • Recruitment Prep For The Next Term (1222) - 53 minutes
    Join the Central Office Chapter Services Team as they discuss steps chapters can take during the winter recess to be in a strong position to recruit for the term.
  • Recruitment Tips Directly From Our Chapters (1222) - 60 minutes
    Join a panel of five collegiate members from across the country who played a role in the exceptional growth of their chapter through recruitment. They will share with you secrets to their success as well as answer your questions so you can prepare for the upcoming recruitment season.
  • Summer Recruiting and Planning Ahead for Fall Too (0522) - 43 minutes
    Learn about summer recruiting efforts that may be a great fit for your chapter, as well as planning for your fall term recruiting and marketing endeavors. Strive to have your biggest and best recruiting seasons ever!
  • Utilizing Your Recruitment Toolkit (0123) - 40 minutes
    In this webinar, our Central Office Chapter Services Team want to help you uncover hidden recruitment tools you may not have even realized were available.

Volunteer Resources