Deltasig 101 & Chapter Operations

If you’re new to Delta Sigma Pi in general, getting started in a leadership position, or even if you just need a refresher, Delta Sigma Pi 101 has you covered. Delta Sigma Pi 101 includes helpful topics for chapter management. The videos, presentations, and resources will deepen your understanding, sharpen your skills, and enable you to be a more engaged member and more effective leader in Delta Sigma Pi, as well as prepare you for professional opportunities in your current or future career.

Below you will find presentations and webinars on Chapter/Colony Operations, Event Planning, Alumni/Faculty Relations, Fundraising/Financial Management, Meeting Management, Motivation, Recruiting and Volunteer Resources. Estimated times for each session are noted for your reference, and items within sections are in alphabetic order.

To receive credit for CDL Renewal, please be sure to watch presentations marked as CDL Eligible

Chapter/Colony Operations

  • Alumni Chapter Recognition Program - 13 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Learn about the Alumni Chapter Recognition Program and make your alumni chapter award-winning this year!
  • CMP/Hub 101: The Basics - 22 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    A quick overview of Chapter Management Program (CMP) and how to maximize using the Hub
  • Collegians of the Year - 7 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    What is Collegian of the Year and why should all chapters nominate a deserving member each fall?
  • Collegiate Chapter Best Practices (0911) - 21 minutes
    This webinar covers collegiate chapter best practices for membership, timely meetings, positive impressions, financial awareness, and creating the most memorable chapter occasions.
  • Colonies: The First 30 Days - 5 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    It’s time to get a new chapter of Delta Sigma Pi started – learn about what happens in the first 30 days of getting the process moving along.
  • Colony Petitioning - 8 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Learn about the process for a colony to petition to become a chapter of Delta Sigma Pi.
  • Digging Deeper for Diverse Leaders (1020) - 22 minutes
    Diversifying your recruiting efforts – whether in the chapter or the workplace – will yield better results.
  • Discipline from a Distance (1020) - 20 minutes
    Learn about Deltasig’s Individual Discipline Policy and ways to manage the process.
  • Effective Transitions and Planning for Officers (1020) - 21 minutes
    It’s time to transition to your new officers – don’t just hand over the binder or box, let’s talk about a transition plan!
  • Hub for Collegiate Chapters - 19 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    An overview of how the Hub helps your chapter manage its day to day processes and reporting.
  • Individual Discipline: Chapter and Executive Trials - 14 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Learn about Delta Sigma Pi’s Individual Discipline Policy and what’s involved in a Chapter Trial versus an Executive Trial.
  • Collegiate Chapter Officer Training Modules 
    Access officer training modules for each of the ten officially recognized collegiate chapter officers. Login is required to access. 

Event Planning

  • Community Service - 5 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Looking for some community service ideas… look no further.
  • Creating an Outstanding Professional Event - 8 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Professional events are the cornerstone of our professional business fraternity. Learn some new ideas and create an outstanding event for your chapter. 

Alumni/Faculty Relations

  • Alumni Presentation for Collegiates - 7 minutes (CDL Eligible)
  • You have chapter members about to become alumni – this presentation can help them know what awaits them in Delta Sigma Pi.
  • Building Bridges: Improving Faculty Relations - 5 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Learn how to improve your relationships with faculty as that is a key to chapter success.
  • Cooking Up Results-The Missing Ingredient (1018) - 36 minutes
    Learn simple ways to help improve faculty/staff relations and leverage those relationships!
  • Faculty Relations (0111) - 25 minutes
    This webinar shares ideas about how to get your faculty initiates involved and interested in the Fraternity, as well as ways to involve your chapter advisor in the chapter. 
  • How Collegiate & Alumni Chapters Can Best Collaborate (1020) - 19 minutes
    Deltasigs can continue to learn and grow – whether you’re a collegiate or alumni, many opportunities exist to work together.
  • Transitioning to Alumni Life (0414) - 28 minutes
    Learn the best ways to transition into alumni life with Delta Sigma Pi and learn how to best stay involved with the brotherhood.

Fundraising/Financial Management

Meeting Management

  • Effective Meetings (0918) -  40 minutes
    Understand the importance of planning before running meetings and be empowered to run effective meetings, delegate effectively, and ensure thorough meeting minutes
  • Effective Chapter and Executive Committee Meetings - 13 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Gather some new ideas to have effective meetings for your chapter and executive committee.
  • Robert’s Rules to Effective Meetings (0114) - 85 minutes
    This webinar provides tips and techniques to help your chapter overcome common roadblocks to effective and timely meetings.
  • Virtual Meetings that Work (1020) - 13 minutes
    Virtual meetings can be effective, but you must set the ground rules and follow a plan to keep everything flowing.



  • Gen Z Recruiting for DDs and Advisors (0121) - 43 minutes
    Learn tips for recruiting Gen Z.
  • R & R: Recruitment and Retention (0112) - 52 minutes
    This presentation focuses on the core aspects of recruitment: determining who to target, promotion, events, and retention of both recruits and brothers throughout the recruiting process.
  • Recruiting Success Secrets (0114) - 57 minutes
    In this webinar, Mark Mikelat, a marketing consultant, author, and professional speaker, teaches you how to have an incredibly successful recruitment, including key words that attract the best students, how to sell Delta Sigma Pi, and what makes marketing messages effective.
  • Recruiting: The Lifeblood of the Fraternity - 4 minutes (CDL Eligible)
    Without recruiting, Delta Sigma Pi would not exist!  Learn about recruiting strategies for your chapter’s success.

Volunteer Resources