How to Join Delta Sigma Pi

DC LEAD Small Group

Once you have connected with a chapter, learn more about the chapter’s activities and culture. Meet the brothers of the chapter. You may need to complete a formal recruitment process which includes attending events, submitting an application, etc.

Election Process

  • To be accepted for membership, each candidate must be elected by an anonymous vote of the members of said chapter, in good standing, constituting a quorum present at a regularly called meeting. If twenty percent (20%) of the members present and in good standing, or five (5), whichever is greater, cast an unfavorable vote for the prospective pledge, the candidate shall be considered rejected.
  • Students who receive a favorable vote become pledges. Learn about how to be a great pledge, and stay in contact with chapter leadership. As a pledge, you’re welcome to get involved in chapter events, hang out with other Deltasigs, and attend provincial and national Delta Sigma Pi conferences.
  • After successfully completing the pledge education program, you become a fully initiated member of Delta Sigma Pi, with access to exceptional social, educational, and professional events, a worldwide network of other Fraternity members, and lifelong support as a leader, business person, and community member.