The DELTASIG Magazine

As the official magazine of Delta Sigma Pi, every issue of The DELTASIG contains Fraternity information, inspiring ideas for how you can become more involved in the Fraternity’s activities, and helpful insights on navigating the world of business. If you have story ideas, submit them to the magazine.

November 2022 Spread

Who receives The DELTASIG?

Each issue of the magazine is available online to all members. Print copies are also mailed to:
  • Current Leadership Foundation donors.
  • Collegiate chapter officers: President, Senior Vice President, VP-Pledge Education, VP-Finance,  VP-Chapter Operations, Chancellor,  VP-Professional Activities, VP-Community Service, VP-Scholarship and Awards, VP-Alumni Relations.
  • Participants in the former Life Member program (a Fraternity program until 1992).
  • Faculty and honorary initiates for five years following initiation.
  • National Fraternity officers.
  • Golden Council members.
  • Leadership Foundation donors having reached $250 or above in lifetime giving.
  • New alumni members for the year following college graduation.
If you don't currently receive the magazine but would like to subscribe, you can find digital copies of The DELTASIG online, or request a hard copy. To renew your subscription, you may make a donation of any amount to the Leadership Foundation. Be sure your contact information is updated in Fraternity records so you will receive your magazine in a timely fashion.