Important Information for Brothers Running for an Elected Position

Elections for the offices of Grand President, Vice President-Finance, and Provincial and Regional Vice Presidents will be held at the 51st Grand Chapter Congress, August 16-20, 2017. Review a current listing of candidates and visit the Congress page for registration and hotel details.

Nomination Requirements

The Bylaws and Policies describe the qualifications needed to serve in these leadership roles, the election and tenure of office, the nominations process, the order of elections, balloting and non-majority results. Please review them for more information on these important topics.

Requirements for Serving in a National Office of the Fraternity:
  • The brother must have been an initiated member of Delta Sigma Pi for at least three years at the time of their election.  Note: There are no exceptions to this rule and it is strictly enforced.
  • For Provincial leadership positions, the brother must live in the province in question. This rule is also strictly enforced.
  • For Regional leadership positions, the brother must live in the region in question or within a reasonable distance outside of any border of the region except as specified in section 4 of the related policy.  Regional Vice President nominations for those residing outside of the region made from the floor at Congress must receive written approval from the nominations committee prior to submitting the nomination.
  • The brother must be an alumni, faculty, or honorary member in good standing. Collegiate members are not eligible for these positions.
  • The brother should have proven administrative ability (in business as well as the Fraternity), exhibiting sound decision-making faculties, creativity and imagination, resourcefulness, and confidence in the prudence and soundness of personal actions. Nominees must acknowledge adherence to the Leadership Code of Conduct with their signature (see below). Note that incumbents must also submit a new Leadership Code of Conduct affirmation at the time of re-nomination.
  • The brother should have demonstrated unqualified interest in, and dedication to, the Fraternity.
  • Brothers who serve in these positions do so as volunteers.  They are not financially compensated for the time they devote to the Fraternity.  Only necessary out-of-pocket costs and travel expenses may be reimbursed. Travel, postage, phone, email costs, etc. are covered up to a pre-determined level for each position. It is strongly recommended that all candidates have email access as official Fraternity business is conducted via email.
  • Nominees (including Regional Vice President nominees) must be able and willing to attend a National Leadership retreat near Cincinnati, OH, scheduled for September 15-17, 2017.
  • All elected volunteers must acknowledge certain conditions related to the use of a personal automobile while on approved Fraternity business. Failure to acknowledge these requirements may prevent an individual from continuing in their role

Nomination Process

All nominations for elective office must be submitted online using the electronic submission form. Nominations must be received at the Central Office by July 1 in odd-numbered years to be published as the Nominations Committee Report that is posted on the Fraternity website (with electronic notification to chapters) and distributed to delegates at the Grand Chapter. Nominations will also be accepted in advance for any newly created regions or provinces that become officially recognized on July 1 following the nominations due date.

Please be aware that nominations procedures have changed relative to years past. 
Nominations will begin to be published online beginning in January 2017. Additionally, certified candidates will be introduced at the LEAD Provincial Conferences to be held in February and March 2017. 

The Nominations Committee will continue to assemble a list of candidates to be presented to the delegates through July 1. Any nominations occurring after July 1 may be submitted from the floor of the Grand Chapter Congress in accordance with the Bylaws and Policy N.1.B. Please see Bylaws and Policies for complete details.

  1. All information requested on this form must be supplied if the recommendation or nomination is to be considered. If any item is non-applicable, please write in N/A.
  2. All nominees must agree to abide by and support all Fraternity Bylaws, Ritual and policies (refer to "Leadership Code of Conduct" Policy CC.) and indicate so by signing or acknowledging the certification statement provided. No candidate will be placed in nomination until an actual signature or acknowledgement affirming the Leadership Code of Conduct is obtained indicating this certification (see Policy N.1.A.). Incumbent officers seeking re-election must submit a new signed Leadership Code of Conduct affirmation.
  3. Once submitted, the electronic form will be forwarded to the Executive Director at the Central Office and the Nominations Chair.
  4. Nominations for the national elections held at Congress received at the Central Office by March 15 will be posted on for consideration prior to Congress. After March 15, any further nominations for election at Congress (This form can still be used online after March 15 but a formal "verbal nomination" must also be made from the floor at GCC.) must be made from the floor during a business session.
  5. Nominations to fill PVP or RVP vacancies are due to the Central Office within the timeframe stated in the call for nominations.
  6. Note that candidates for elective office are asked to submit a Statement of Platform and/or comments. This statement is not to exceed 200 words by actual word count. The statements are published and/or distributed for review by voters. Only the first 200 words, by actual count, of any statement will be published. If a platform statement is not received at the Central Office by March 15, it will not be published and "none submitted" will be noted on the nomination report. Once a statement is published on the web, it cannot be altered by the nominee; the Fraternity retains the right to make corrections as needed.
  7. The city of residence, state and an email address for all nominees will be posted on No other contact information will be published related to election purposes.