Delta Sigma Pi South Central Province

The South Central Province of Delta Sigma Pi covers alumni and collegiate chapters from Louisiana to Missouri and Kansas down through most of Texas. The archival information below covers meeting agendas, minutes, budgets, policies, and legislation discussed at South Central Provincial Council meetings. For additional information on organization resources, council forms, and data sections, visit our Provincial Resources page. 

2024 Dallas, TX

2023 Kansas City

2022 Virtual

2022 Austin, TX

2021 Virtual

2020 Dallas, TX

2019 Baton Rouge, LA

2018 St. Louis, MO

2017 Houston, TX

2016 Dallas, TX

2015 Oklahoma City, OK

2014 Little Rock, AR

2013 Overland Park, KS

2012 Austin, TX

2011 Baton Rouge, LA

2010 Dallas, TX

2009 San Antonio, TX

2008 Oklahoma City, OK

2007 Saint Louis, MO

2006 Austin, TX  

2005 Kansas City, MO

2004 Houston, TX

2003 Saint Louis, MO

2002 Fort Worth, TX

2001 Grand Chapter Congress in Buffalo, NY

Policy and Miscellaneous

  • There are no policies or supplementary documents to review at this time.
For more information about the Delta Sigma Pi South Central Province, please contact the South Central Provincial Vice President or our Central Office Staff.