East Central Region Attends MLB Game

Dec 17, 2019 – Deltasigs in the East Central Region gathered in Cincinnati to watch the Reds take on the Arizona Diamondbacks.

This is the second event, which took place when Jacob Swartz, Dayton (OH), reached out to the Cincinnati Alumni Chapter wanting to bring Delta Sigma Pi to the Cincinnati Red's Stadium for an event. After speaking with Jacob, East Central RVP James Kuhn decided this would be a "fantastic opportunity to bring the region together for an event that could offer a social, professional and potentially a service event all rolled into one." 

Of course planning an event with the entire region is no easy task! In the planning stages, he reached out to chapter and colony presidents to discuss participation in the event. By contacting all the presidents, James was able to ensure all chapters heard about the baseball game. After gathering this information, a conference call was held to narrow down potential dates, professional event ideas before the game, and how to add a fundraising element (a cheaper ticket or a more expensive ticket that would return some of the money to the chapter).

This event was designed as a "way for brothers to network, bond, and have fun," but also to provide educational opportunities from the professional event and to encourage the individuals who planned this to improve their planning skills. Some tips to plan an event like this are to provide options for the event, plan in advance, market the event properly, communicate openly and have clear deadlines. With this, you are able to gauge interest, think through ideas and check for conflicts, have a successful turnout and manage expectations. 

When asking James about why it is important for regions to come together, he said, "Regional events provide brothers with a glimpse of how the Fraternity is so much bigger than just their chapter. It can help stoke their imaginations and provide them with opportunities to converse with other brothers that are relatively close and gain new perspectives on how things can be accomplished." His favorite part about the Reds outing was that he got a chance to hang out with lots of brothers. James continued to share that people can make business connections, meet their significant other, or have some other impactful interaction during events like these. 

East Central Region
Brothers enjoy a gorgeous day at the Cincinnati Reds stadium, watching them take on the Arizona Diamondbacks after an exciting and informational professional event. 

By: Alexandra Bartkoske, Miami-Ohio, Communications Intern
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