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Chapters and Delegates

Please read Policies related to Grand Chapter Delegates, Credentials and Voting (Section O.) for complete details

Official delegates and alternates of collegiate and alumni chapters who are in good standing and entitled to vote at Grand Chapter must be elected and reported via the Hub by July 1. Only those delegates and alternates reported by July 1 receive official Fraternity communications regarding Congress legislation and/or elections. Any chapter with outstanding financial obligations to the Fraternity will not be entitled to have a delegate seated at Congress.

Duties of Grand Chapter Congress Delegates and Alternates:   

a)       To report to the official credentials desk at the Grand Chapter Congress prior to the opening business session. Collegiate delegates must be currently enrolled for fall term at the school where their chapter is chartered and all delegates must be fully registered for Congress.

b)      To report to the official credentials desk at the Grand Chapter Congress prior to rotating with an alternate.

c)       To attend the orientation session at the Grand Chapter Congress. This mandatory meeting reviews procedures and expectations for attendance, credentials, voting and parliamentary law. 

d)      To attend all business sessions of the Grand Chapter Congress, unless rotating with an alternate delegate. Any convention travel allowance available from the Fraternity for each collegiate chapter may be proportionately reduced for nonattendance or tardiness at required functions.

e)       To report back to the chapter all business conducted at the Grand Chapter Congress. Alternates must adhere to the duties of delegates, but are not required to attend all sessions, as long as the chapter is represented in their absence.

The Nominations Committee oversees all credentialing and resolves any disputes arising therefrom. Decisions of the Nominations Committee are final. 

Review the 2023 Grand Chapter Congress Standing Rules. The standing rules for the 2023 Grand Chapter Congress must be approved by the delegates in attendance thereof. 

Congress Travel Fund for Collegiate Chapters

Due to COVID, the Congress Travel Fund charges for collegiate chapters were waived in fall 2020 and spring 2021. In response to the lower paid-in amount and to help chapters budget to attend both Congresses, the Board of Directors approved for chapters to receive up to $300 reimbursement credit following both the 2022 GCC in Cleveland and the 2023 GCC in Houston. In addition to their Congress Travel Fund, collegiate chapters should also consider taking advantage of the Chapter Leadership Funds. Contact for further assistance.