Collegiate Chapter Vice President - Pledge Education

As your Delta Sigma Pi collegiate chapter’s Vice President-Pledge Education, you are responsible for:

  • Overseeing preparation of pledges for examination and initiation.
  • Submitting your chapter’s pledge program to the Central Office by established deadlines.
  • Reporting the names and personal information of each pledge—including faculty and honorary initiates—to the Central Office within seven days of the pledging ceremony using official forms and procedures.
  • Coordinating with your chapter’s Vice President-Finance to ensure that the initiation report is completed and returned, with required initiation fees, to the Central Office within fourteen days of initiation.

Use the Standard Pledge Education Program so you don’t break the law.

It’s not an overstatement. Delta Sigma Pi developed the Pledge Education Program to protect our chapters by ensuring compliance with anti-hazing statutes in various states. Nearly every state has laws regarding alcohol, drugs, discrimination, harassment, and hazing. Your responsibility to submit your chapter’s program to the Central Office every six months is not just a Chapter Management Program credit issue (although it is required under CMP) it’s a legal one. All chapters must have a current pledge program approved and on file with the Central Office, and that approved program cannot be altered in any way.

As the Vice President-Pledge Education, you are responsible to make sure that all pledges and chapter members comply with the Delta Sigma Pi Risk Management and Conduct policy, university policies, and federal and state laws at all pledge events. Learn more about avoiding practices that indicate a philosophy of hazing and enforce the following issues related to pledges:

  • Underage drinking and/or illegal drug use are not permitted at Fraternity functions.
  • Sexual advances, verbal or physical, must be avoided at Fraternity functions.
  • Pledge activities cannot be conducted between midnight and 8 am.
  • Pledges cannot be asked to perform any task or project that is not in compliance with the Standard Pledge Education Program.
  • Pledges may not be subjected to situations of embarrassment, ridicule, or intimidation. The normal eating, sleeping, and study habits of pledges may not be interrupted by excessive tasks or events.
  • There may be no physical contact or abuse between a member and a pledge.
  • Deceptive, false, and dishonest statements may not be directed towards pledges.
  • Harassment with signature books should be avoided.
  • Pledges may not be asked to dress alike, provide gifts to members, perform tasks for members, recite greetings or certain phrases, or carry certain objects.
  • Alumni may not participate in reviews or evaluations of the pledges.
  • Drinking games, scavenger hunts, tricks on pledges, etc., are not permitted.

Report any concerns or violations to your Chapter Advisor, District Director, Regional Vice President, and Central Office staff.

Coordinate with other officers for planning and reporting.

You should work with your chapter’s Vice President-Chapter Operations, Vice President-Finance, and President to make sure your chapter gets CMP credit for pledge education and initiation. Check the Hub for the CMP requirements that pertain to your duties, including:

  • Pledge Education Program and Regalia Reservation
  • Pledge Manual Order
  • Pledging Ceremony Report
  • Badge Order
  • Initiation Report
  • Initiation Fees

For a complete listing of officer responsibilities as set in Fraternity policy, please refer to section B of the National Policy and Procedures Manual.

These requirements are discussed in detail in your Officer Packet. If you have any questions about your role or duties, feel free to get in touch with Delta Sigma Pi Central Office staff, your District Director, or your Regional Vice President.