Collegiate Chapter Advisor

Delta Sigma Pi Collegiate Chapter Advisors serve as officially recognized advisors for chapter officers and members, and also serve as liaisons between the chapter or the national Fraternity and the college or university. Not all chapters require extensive guidance, but all chapters benefit from having an informed and involved Chapter Advisor.

Chapter Advisor responsibilities include:

  • Staying informed about the content and requirements of Fraternity resources, including those linked in the sidebar at left.
  • Scheduling office hours or regular appointments with chapter officers.
  • Reviewing chapter finances with the Vice President-Finance on a monthly basis.
  • Reviewing Chapter Management Program (CMP) progress with the Vice President-Chapter Operations on a monthly basis.
  • Attending a chapter meeting or event at least once every four to six weeks, and attending all initiations (if a member) and officer transition meetings.
  • Reviewing the Risk Management Policy and Individual Code of Conduct with the chapter once per term. 
  • Providing signature authorization if needed, on university forms, letters of recommendation, and the like.
  • Counseling members as needed regarding their Fraternity involvement.
  • Attending an area, regional, provincial, or national Deltasig conference once every two to three years.
  •  Increase Fraternity awareness among other faculty.
  • Helping the chapter use faculty resources to assist with professional and community service programming.
  • Recommending other faculty for initiation into the chapter.
  • Ensuring that the chapter is fully recognized as a student organization.
  • Making the chapter aware of all university policies related to the chapter and its activities.
  • Assisting the chapter in obtaining all eligible university funding.

For a complete listing of officer responsibilities as set in Fraternity policy, please refer to section B of the National Policy and Procedures

Find the resources you need:

To assist you in your duties as Chapter Advisor, Delta Sigma Pi compiled the resources linked in the sidebar at left. Contact the Central Office to ask questions pertaining to your role and responsibilities as a Delta Sigma Pi Chapter Advisor.