Collegiate Chapter Vice President -  Professional Activities

A Delta Sigma Pi collegiate chapter Vice President-Professional Activities oversees the development and implementation of the chapter’s professional program. Other responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that the chapter is educated on risk management and conduct issues.
  • Promoting LEAD and other National Fraternity educational programs and encouraging attendance by chapter members.
  • Coordinating chapter professional activities with the Provincial Professional Development Committee.
  • Leading the chapter’s Professional Development Committee, should the chapter choose to have one.
  • Contributing descriptions of all planned professional events (at least four must be planned, and at least eight accomplished per year) for your chapter’s strategic plan. Coordinate this with your Vice President-Chapter Operations.
  • Entering professional event submission forms in the Hub within 30 days of each professional event your chapter hosts.
  • Submitting applications for the Outstanding Professional Activities Award. The national winner of the Outstanding Professional Activities award, along with the four provincial winners, receive grants made possible by the Boyd Professional Development Fund. Sean, George Mason, and Andrea Boyd, California-Riverside, set up the fund to help chapters further their development in providing excellent professional activities.

For a complete listing of officer responsibilities as set in Fraternity policy, please refer to section B of the National Policy and Procedures Manual

To make your job easier, we also suggest that you:

  • Solicit your chapter’s ideas and feedback in order to be flexible in meeting the needs of the entire chapter.
  • Present the chapter with a written proposal of professional activities each term for discussion and approval by chapter members so everyone is involved in the planning process.
  • Report all professional activities for CMP credit and award recognition.
  • Be creative and add new and exciting dimensions to the professional program.
  • Work with members of the professional committee formed by your chapter.

Be on the lookout for creative ideas for professional events and activities:

Have more questions? Feel free to contact the Central Office, your District Director, or your Regional Vice President for help.