Education Planning Workshop Held at Central Office

May 13, 2019 – An Education Planning Workshop was held at the Central Office the week of April 29.

workshop_resizedThe workshop provided an opportunity to fuse our strategic priorities to the Fraternity's educational offerings, and the chance to gather key information that will be presented in the future at a decision-making level. 

Attendance at the workshop included Central Office executives and directors, GP Tricia Smith, National Professional Development Committee Chair Lisa Brown and Plaid representative Doug Opicka (Presidents' Academy curriculum provider). 

The workshop provided an opportunity for Delta Sigma Pi leaders involved in educational programming and events to further engrain the Fraternity's strategic priorities in every opportunity offered. Topics discussed included:
  • Ways to meet every member's educational needs 
  • Presidents' Academy feedback and new ideas 
  • LEAD event evaluations 
  • Assessing volunteer leadership trainings including: VOLT, CDL and Officer Training
  • Risk management training 
  • New member education programming
According to Professional Development Committee Chair Lisa Brown, "The Education Planning Workshop was an exciting opportunity to look at our goals, programming and strategic priorities to assure we are providing the right education at the best possible time in a way that effectively reaches intended target audiences." 
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