Delta Sigma Pi Closes Iota Kappa Chapter

Apr 02, 2018 – The Board of Directors of Delta Sigma Pi recently voted to close the Iota Kappa Chapter at James Madison University.

This action was taken with full support of University administrators and was based on a joint investigation into credible allegations of long-standing violations of University and Fraternity policies, including the Fraternity's risk management, pledge education program, and code of conduct policies. 

This marks the third chapter closure due to either operational challenges or conduct and policy violations in the past two years. One of our Strategic Priorities is to expand to at least 250 active collegiate chapters over the next few years from the 222 we have currently. While we have celebrated the addition of four new chapters in that same time period with several colonies in progress, we will not compromise our values and principles for the sake of growth. We aim to conduct ourselves according to a higher standard on each campus and in each community where we have a presence. This includes providing for the safety and well-being of our members and associates, adhering to our Ritual and governing laws and policies, and striving for excellence in fraternity operations. We live in a world which is increasingly intolerant of poorly performing Greek-letter organizations. If a chapter falls short of these principles, it should not bear our Fraternity's name.

While national leaders continue to enhance educational offerings and chapter supports, each of us has a responsibility to hold any other member accountable to the values and commitments that bind us, as every one of us is impacted when the reputation of our Fraternity is tarnished in a community. This impact may take the form of fewer staff and volunteer resources to support well-functioning chapters and alumni services, termination of recognition by a college or university, loss of corporate sponsorship, or large-scale expenses for insurance or legal fees. As important as it is for each of us to share with one another the positive aspects of membership (such as our brotherhood, professional network, meaningful service, and personal development), we have a duty to intervene when our fellow brothers fail to uphold the oath that binds us. When notified in a timely manner, staff and volunteer leaders can deploy additional resources for training, support, or corrective action in order to prevent a situation where chapter closure is the only option.

Each of our chapters has a rich history and shapes the campus community around it in significant ways. The sooner we can work together to identify an issue, the greater the possibility it can be quickly addressed, leading to a lasting positive experience for our members and those with which they interact. If you have questions or concerns about a member or chapter, please contact your local elected leader or the staff at Central Office. 

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