Legislation Passed at 2019 Grand Chapter Congress

Aug 23, 2019 – Below are the actions taken by the Grand Chapter.

Grand Chapter Actions

Updated bylaws will be available online at dsp.org/bylaws

  • Bylaws, Article XII, Section 11 was amended to clarify voting on pledges and make the voting procedures similar to those used for chapter business, elections, trials, etc. 
  • Bylaws, Article VII, Section 5 was amended to add additional language for recall of a Regional Vice President. New language adds consistency with recall of members of the Board of Directors.
  • Bylaws, Article XII, Section 13 was amended to provide the flexibility to initiate National Honorary Members as needed to support the Fraternity's objectives.
  • The Initiation Ceremony was revised to be more inclusive to ability and gender identities. The Initiation Ceremony was also revised to remove unnecessary language that suggests additional expectations are required before being initiated. References to the pledges being led in with their hands on each other's shoulders were also removed from the Initiation Ceremony.
A proposal to adopt one single Initiation Ceremony in place of current Initiation Ceremony failed. Details are available by contacting centraloffice@dsp.org
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