Supporter Spotlight: Teresa Schudrowitz

Nov 20, 2018 – Long-time Deltasig supporter, volunteer, Brother, mentor and friend Teresa Schudrowitz, St. Ambrose (IA), discusses her Delta Sigma Pi passion and why the Fraternity is important to her.
Teresa Schudrowitz (2)
What is your Delta Sigma Pi passion?
My passion is encouraging continued alumni involvement - for collegiate members to realize there is so much more to Deltasig after college. I didn't realize it until I was an alumni just how powerful it is to be a part of the Fraternity. If it weren't for my first job after college being in a city that just so happened to have an alumni chapter (which I read about in that summer's DELTASIG magazine), I probably would not be involved today. My most inspirational, motivational and overall best memories of the Fraternity are form my involvement as an alumnus. 

Why is Delta Sigma Pi important to you?    
 Delta Sigma Pi is important to me because it helps me grow as a person and a leader. Joining the Chicago Alumni Chapter when I first moved to Chicago helped introduce me to the city and new brothers. After 25+ years as a part of the Fraternity, I know that no matter where I go or what life sends my way, I can count on my brothers for fun times, professional guidance and support and just being there for me. 

Who in the Fraternity mentors you?
There are way too many to name everyone. Dr. Floyd Begin, my chapter advisor, was my first Fraternity mentor. He had confidence in my abilities and encouraged me to take leadership positions that I otherwise would not have taken. Brothers in the Chicago Alumni Chapter have also been a huge inspiration. Mentors from the chapter encouraged me to attend my first GCC in 1999 and supported me when I made the decision to move back to Wisconsin.  
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