Hultz Elected as Vice Chair of Leadership Foundation

Aug 07, 2018 – The Board of Trustees of the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation unanimously elected Past Grand President Randy Hultz to the position of Vice Chair. The election took place during the board’s July conference call.

“Randy’s business experience will be invaluable in building the vision and strategy for the Leadership Foundation going forward,” said Katie Magoon, President and Chair. “Although Randy has served on the Board of Trustees before, he is very focused on how we can transform the organization in the future.  We’ve accomplished a lot in the past few years and we really have an opportunity to reshape the way we engage with donors.  Randy’s skill set will be critical to our success in making these changes going forward. I’m very excited to have him stepping into the Vice Chair role this year.”

A Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Hultz served as Delta Sigma Pi’s Grand President from 1993 to 1997. In addition to his service as Grand President, Hultz served on the Fraternity’s Board of Directors for 18 years as Regional Director, Provincial Vice President, National Vice President for Alumni Benefits and Services, and immediate Past Grand President.

Hultz has played an instrumental role with the Leadership Foundation. He served as the Leadership Foundation Chair from 2006 to 2007 and served as Vice Chair for five years. Hultz sat on the Board of Trustees for a total of 14 years and was named a Trustee Emeritus in 2009. In addition to his volunteer leadership, Hultz is a member of the Crown & Delta Society, 10K Club and 2007 Centennial Society and has achieved the Lifetime giving level of Fifth Founder. He established the Hultz Leadership Fund in 2001 and later co-founded the Iota Nu (Truman State) Chapter Scholarship Fund.

“I am looking forward to working with Randy in his new role as Vice Chair,” said Tyler Wash, Executive Vice President. “His past leadership to both the Fraternity and Leadership Foundation is laudable, but I am most excited about his forward looking vision for our organization. I see Randy as a ‘change agent” and I am excited that he is a key member of our team.”   

Professionally, Hultz is a strategic HR consultant with SilkRoad Technology, a multinational human capital management software company. He is based in St. Louis.

“After a 10-year hiatus, I’m excited to be back on the Leadership Foundation board and to be serving as its vice chair,” said Hultz. “I’m most excited by the transformative efforts underway in order to take the Leadership Foundation to the next level.  I’m looking forward to working with trustees, staff and other volunteers to improve engagement, outreach and donor support.”

Hultz was elected on July 10 and assumed his role immediately. He will serve as the vice chair until the Leadership Foundation’s 2019 Annual Meeting, which will be held in conjunction with Grand Chapter Congress in Atlanta.

Upon being elected as vice chair, Hultz joined the Leadership Foundation’s leadership team which is led by Magoon, as the President & Chair, and includes Jeff Briggs and Corie Schilberg who serve on the Executive Committee.

For more information about the Leadership Foundation’s volunteer leadership, please contact Executive Vice President Tyler Wash at

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