#BrosofDSP - Meet Paul Kim

May 03, 2017 – "Get involved in the brotherhood. We ALL can." - Paul Kim, Babson (MA)

Paul Kim"Everyone can make excuses. Most people do. 'I'm too busy,' or 'work has been crazy this week' or 'I'm too tired.' We've all heard these excuses, sometimes from our own mouths. But what we must ask ourselves and ask of our brothers is, what do you want to do with your life? Straight out of college, I started working on a trading desk on Wall Street. The hours were long. The environment was high-pressure, fast-paced and extremely challenging. At the end of each day, I felt drained. I slipped into a mindset that work and nothing else was enough. Work was so heavy that nothing else could fit into my life. In my mind, I had a struggle far greater than most of my peers. But this was an excuse. Everyone is fighting their own battle. Some are vocal about it, some fight it alone. I saw people around me far busier, and they managed it all without complaints. While everyone has their own capacity, I was determined to at least try and push myself a little more. I started to get involved in the New York City Alumni Chapter late last year. While days were still  long and tough at work, meeting new brothers from different chapters after work was great. It gave me a sense of direction outside of work--a commitment to brotherhood and helping others, together. Someone wise once said, 'Our struggles determine our successes. The deeper you dig, the stronger the foundation and higher you can build.' So I ask myself and of my brothers to struggle. Dig deeper. For we are all meant to build something great in this world. Get involved in the brotherhood. We ALL can."

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