California Lutheran Experiences Four Seasons

Apr 28, 2017 – Upsilon Chi spent a day at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake, California where 14 members and Chapter Advisor Paul Whitman toured the hotel.

The event began through networking, as the school of management at California Lutheran is connected to the hotel. Members had the opportunity to tour both the production that the guests see as well as what they do not see. This included the largest massage therapy center of any Four Seasons along with a massive oasis pool. The chapter also got an inside look at the wellness center that is attached to the hotel, but not operated by Four Seasons.

"As we were walking around, our tour guide/human resources supervisor seemed to know every single employee that walked by, no matter the job. Creating a friendly family atmosphere is a reason why Four Seasons hotel is so successful," says VPCO Peyton Borg.

Members also had the opportunity to tour the employee break area. Each team member receives one hot meal per day for free, along with an unlimited salad bar. "Four Seasons really makes an honest effort to treat their employees like family," says Borg. "Taking care of guests is the objective of Four Seasons, but they are unable to do that if they do not take care of their employees first."

California Lutheran Four Seasons
Upsilon Chi poses outside of the Four Seasons hotel in Westlake, CA where they had the opportunity to tour the hotel and learn proper management tactics.
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