#BrosofDSP - Meet Andrew McLean

Apr 21, 2017 – "I believe that my internal motivation to work and go back to school comes from the lessons that I learned through Delta Sigma Pi, LEAD and the amazing group of brothers I interacted with at the collegiate level." - Andrew McLean, Grand Valley State (MI)

BrosofDSP - Andrew McLean

"I started out as an art major, quickly discovering that art school was not for me. After dabbling in political science, I decided to pursue a business degree. I was admitted into the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University, where I pursued a degree in Supply Chain Management. I pledged Delta Sigma Pi during my first semester of junior year. My big brother (who became my close friend and mentor) guided me to success in my pledge class and emphasized 'He profits most who serves best.' I applied this mantra in my first semester as an initiated brother when I was elected Chancellor."

"I immediately grew attached to the organization and realized that my calling in life was to continue down the path of leadership and teaching through public speaking and addressing young leaders in the educational and entrepreneurial business setting. This motivation inspired me to establish my own brand, which I am currently working to build as a social media engagement program that I call True Milennial. True Milennial is a brand that focuses on promoting leaders at the high school and collegiate level to become successful entrepreneurs. It also aims to promote business principles through every facet of a person's life. This project is very complex and slow moving, however forward progress is better than being stagnant or even worse, losing interest. I feel incredibly fortunate for discovering this passion early on so that I have the energy and resources to build the brand that I care for so dearly."

"I have four points of advice to offer to all brothers. The first is to utilize your network to your advantage and learn all that you can about your chapter. Business ideas can be fostered and partnerships could lead you and your peers to untold success with hard work and dedication. Ask your brothers about what their older siblings and parents do for a living. You never know when someone can help you secure an internship or full-time employment. That leads to my second nugget of advice--secure as many internships as you can. Whether you're paid or not, seek out opportunities that will help you get ahead. If you can't find an internship, volunteer your time to a firm that can help you gain real world knowledge and provide letters of recommendation to aid in your job search. The third piece of advice that I would offer is that you should be conscious about where you stand financially, always. Develop a budget. Do not "ball out" and collect junk that you do not need. If you are graduating with student debt, pay that down as fast as possible, starting with the highest interest rate first. Consider picking up a night or weekend job to contribute a few extra hundred dollars per month to your student loans. As my mentor Adam Carroll, Phoenix-Thunderbird, would say, 'We have a chronic student debt problem, and need to fix it as soon as possible!' The final point is to stop procrastinating and start doing today. If you are putting off an assignment that you know will take a long time, begin it right now after you read this. If you want to befriend someone new but are intimidated, the worst they can say is no (and that is just rude!) so reach out to them and begin the relationship. The grave is a horrible place for untapped potential. The thing about brothers of Delta Sigma Pi is that they are the leaders, entrepreneurs and businessmen and businesswomen who jump out of a plane and assemble the parachute on the way down."

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