#BrosofDSP - Meet Brian Gotberg

Apr 12, 2017 – "Delta Sigma Pi has taught me a lot, but nothing more important than brotherhood." - Brian Gotberg, Grand Valley State (MI)

BrosofDSP - Brian Gotberg"The one thing I didn't expect from Delta Sigma Pi was that the idea of brotherhood would extend past the Fraternity and play a role in my career. I viewed brotherhood more as a bond among friends, not coworkers. My plant manager has a management style of making sure everyone (salary and hourly) is treated the same when it comes to coming into work. He believes in working under the same roof to increase productivity and employee morale. I never understood why it mattered if I came into work or worked from home, until last week. Recently an employee lost his mother to cancer, his house to a fire, and his car suffered the same fate all in just the past few months. Devastated, he carried on. A supervisor started asking everyone if they wanted to donate to help this man in his time of need. The outpour of love from his coworkers surprised me when we tallied up the total donations and came up with about $800 in two days. These hardworking welders, machinists and press operators were willing to give part of their paycheck in support of his situation. When I asked different employees about how we were able to come up with so much money in such a small amount of time, they all had the same response: brotherhood. I was shocked; I'm still shocked. It's a quality that was seemingly geared toward just the brothers of Delta Sigma Pi and our relationship together. I didn't think brotherhood would be applicable to a workforce; mainly because it's not talked about in textbooks. It's the little things in life that make a big difference. It's the experiences we have that allow us to grow and learn how to lead effectively. Delta Sigma Pi has taught me more than what is condensed into a textbook. Delta Sigma Pi has taught me a lot, but nothing more important than brotherhood."


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