Phoenix Thunderbird Creates a Vision

Jan 10, 2017 – Phoenix Thunderbird welcomed Christine Schwan to talk about her professional experiences and give insight for the chapter's two-part professional event called Creating Your Vision.

Christine has a wide array of professional experience, including studying neuroscience for the past 40 years. In addition, she is a certified life coach, yoga instructor, clinical adjunct professor and has a private practice in the healing sciences. Schwan has used her expertise to help professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA and Soccer in sports performance yoga coaching and helping them with the mental aspects of sports and meditation. In fact, she spent the 2016 baseball season with the Chicago Cubs, who won the World Series this year.

Jamie Kirkegaard, Arizona State, organized a two-part professional event called Creating Your Vision. At the first event Jamie encouraged brothers to create vision board to help them visualize what their aspirations and goals are to help make them a reality. For the second part, brothers were encouraged to bring their vision board to Schwan's presentation where she helped them complete the boards. According to VPCO Erica Kenney, "It was very interesting listening to Christine as she has experienced great success with creating her vision and helping others uncover theirs to build their reality."

Kenney added a few of the key takeaways from the presentation were the ideas that thought has energy and frequency and there is a universal energy that makes things happen. She also stated that it is important to decide what you want and visualize that you already have it. For example, she said rather than stating, "I want to be healthy," say "I am enjoying a healthy life." She says, "It is crucial to put power behind the feeling and emotion that runs through you when you state what you want."

Phoenix Thunderbird members hold up their vision boards during the second part of their Creating Your Vision event.

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