St Joseph's (PA) Remembers Casey Doolin

Jan 06, 2017 – Zeta Pi honors a fellow brother who passed away in 2013 by keeping her spirit of giving alive and hosting and participating in events in her honor.

Casey Doolin was about to graduate from Saint Joseph's University when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), drastically changing how her senior year in college would end. She immediately began chemotherapy, where it was determined she would need a bone marrow transplant. In December 2012, after a first unsuccessful transplant in June, Casey and her family received the Christmas present they'd been hoping for - the transplant was a success. It would be another few months, however, until she would leave the hospital for the first time in nearly a year. Casey spent the next several months in and out of the hospital before peacefully passing away August 14, 2013 with her parents and brothers by her side.

Throughout her life, Casey exemplified the spirit of lifting others. She was an orientation leader for incoming freshmen at St. Joseph's, participated in a winter immersion program, traveled to the Appalachian region for a week of community service during spring break, was a Hawk Host (a campus tour guide) and was extremely active within the chapter. Those who knew Casey say she had a way of making others around her feel special and encouraged others in every way she could.

In honor of Casey's giving spirit, a memorial fund was established called the Casey E. Doolin Memorial Fund. Proceeds go to organizations such as the St. Joseph's University Campus Ministry, where Casey was very active, and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where everyone who helped her was inspired by her grace and dignity.

To support Casey's memorial fund, Zeta Pi hosts a Celebrate Casey 5k held every March at St. Joseph's. According to VPCS Megan O'Donnell, "The Casey 5k has given me the opportunity to connect with a brother who I have never met before. Her spirit is carried through the chapter and many organizations on Hawk Hill. During Casey's time at St. Joseph's she made a positive impact on our community that is still being shared today. While I never met Casey, I feel her presence through the Fraternity and a personal connection to her made stronger by the interactions I have had with her family and friends over the past two years while planning the Casey 5k."

The chapter also hosts a golf outing as well as a basketball tournament held for students at St. Joseph's. All of the proceeds are donated to the Casey E. Doolin Memorial Fund.

casey doolin
St. Joseph's gathers on Sweeney Field for the 2016 Celebrate Casey 5k.

If you are interested in supporting Casey's memorial fund or want to learn more, please visit:
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