Book Supports Delta Sigma Pi

Dec 28, 2016 – Eddie Stephens, Miami, pledged the proceeds of his book "Stephens' Squibs: Florida Family Law Case Updates" in part to the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation.

Brother Stephens is a litigation attorney partner in the Palm Beach, Florida law firm Ward Damon. He is also President and Chairman of the Leadership Foundation. Shannon Marie L. Berry, East Tennessee State, a brother and friend for almost 20 years wrote the foreword to the book. Her experience as a clergywoman provides a different look at marriage and divorce. She explains that she has seen him live by his motto, "Do something that matters." According to Berry, "He has shown me to work in a stressful career and remember that self-care is not only important, but necessary. His philanthropic endeavors are a great example of giving one's self for the joy of giving and not for personal gain."

Eddie is an active leader in both Delta Sigma Pi and the Leadership Foundation. Berry explains, "His passion to influence the next generation of leaders in a positive way can be seen as he volunteers his time by sharing with collegiates his experiences in business, law and life. He not only shares his successes, but he becomes vulnerable by sharing his failures. Often times, it was through his failures that he gained success. In addition to the proceeds Eddie has created and supported a grant through the Leadership Foundation to provide educational grants to members at the University of Miami, Florida Atlantic University and Florida International College.

Eddie will donate the other half of his proceeds from the book to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, which helps save lives and bring support to those affected by suicide.

To learn more about Eddie's book or to purchase it, click here.
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