Julie Stackhouse Honored with Career Achievement Award

Aug 17, 2016 – Julie Stackhouse, Drake, was presented the Career Achievement Award at a banquet August 13 in St. Louis.

Brother Stackhouse is executive vice president and managing officer of the banking supervision, credit risk management, community development and learning innovation division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Within her community, she supports nonprofits that emphasize helping women. She served on the advisory board that developed the Washington University Women’s Leadership Certificate Program. She also served as St. Louis Chapter President of National Charity League, Inc. Julie’s other board positions include her role as Secretary for Open Door Animal Sanctuary and participation on the Women’s Advisory Board for Variety – the Children’s Charity.

After a welcome by Executive Director Bill Schilling, a video presentation by Chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen portrayed Julie’s success throughout life, especially at the Federal Reserve. PGP Mark Chiacchiari then expanded on the video about Julie’s achievements in Delta Sigma Pi and beyond.

During her remarks, Julie shared some of the lessons she learned throughout life. She boasted how Delta Sigma Pi gave her the opportunity to develop basic skills necessary in life and preparing her for a career. Working with very bright people at the Federal Reserve taught her the importance of developing your people so they are motivated to achieve more. Through her charitable work, Julie has learned the power of passion. With passion and the ability to inspire others, people are able to accomplish great things, including moving 100 year old trees!

National Organizational Development Committee Chair Wendy Eilers met Brother Stackhouse while working at the Federal Reserve Bank and recommended her for the award. Vice President-Finance Kelly Rabin, a fellow Drake graduate, nominated Julie for her distinguished work at the Federal Reserve and through her accomplishments in the community.

Brother Stackhouse is an inspiration to brothers, women and bankers everywhere. Congratulations, Julie on your remarkable accomplishments!

Mark Chiacchiari and Julie Stackhouse

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