New Jersey Brothers Win Johnson & Johnson Case Study

May 03, 2018 – A team of Deltasigs from New Jersey came out victorious in a case study hosted by Johnson & Johnson.

Mu Omega brothers Lucy Jackson, Nicholas Mack, Devin Errico, Kelly Feehan, Kyle Rice, James Cottrell, Elizabeth Hom and Nicole Mikitskiy joined forces and won numerous rounds of a Johnson & Johnson case study, taking home $2,000 in prize money and the opportunity to network with the company's outstanding professionals. 

Round one of the case study was held at The College of New Jersey, where the team quickly came out victorious. Round two was a bit more arduous, held at the Johnson & Johnson headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ. Teams from nine other universities from the area also attended. The teams were tasked with solving a problem faced by one of the company's new, high-end products. The teams were faced with brainstorming solutions in the categories of: pricing, marketing, selling, manufacturing internally or externally, retaining human capital and using high-end ingredients. The competition was judged by Johnson & Johnson professionals and TCNJ faculty members. 

According to team member Elizabeth Hom, "As a team, we learned how to work together in order to develop an efficient solution that we all agreed upon. Additionally, we learned how to evaluate an acquisition and not only defend a decision based on financial statements, but also company values." 

Having won the competition and prize money, the team moved on to another round where they were given the opportunity to tour the headquarters and network with Johnson & Johnson professionals. Hom is thankful for the lessons she and her brothers have learned through the Fraternity, which paid off during their visit to the company's headquarters. "The Fraternity helped the team understand how to present themselves in a professional manner and develop solid presentation skills. Additionally, the Fraternity allowed the team to feel more comfortable networking with the professionals over lunch." 

New Jersey
New Jersey brothers gather for a photo with a Johnson & Johnson representative (right) during the first round of the Johnson & Johnson case study. From left: Lucy Jackson, Devin Errico, Kyle Rice, Nicole Mikitskiy and Kelly Feehan. 

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