Pledge Education Program Resources

This page will provide the Vice President-Pledge Education (VPPE) with the resources to achieve the purpose of pledge education and facilitate the standard Pledge Education Program.

National Policies and Procedures (Under Pledging and Initiations):
The purpose of pledge education is to formally present Fraternity history and information to potential members and to begin their integration into the chapter on a provisional basis to make the best possible brothers. In addition, pledges will learn the business operational requirements of the Fraternity through the participation in various chapter events and activities. Pledges will become familiar with the opportunities and obligations available and expected through membership, including knowledge of basic local and national Fraternity history, values, and operations; meeting procedures, etiquette and organizational skills; and the Fraternity’s emphasis on personal and professional development of the individual. pledge education meetings will serve to reinforce Fraternity knowledge through discussions and activities.

Getting Started

Pledge Education Guide

Per National Policy, the Pledge Education Guide, including the below Pledge Education Meeting Plans, must be followed and cannot be deviated from. 

Individual Meeting Plans:

Additional Resources